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Questions from never to late

I Had a Tummy Tuck 9 Months Back but Was Told the Area Above my Waist Couldn't Be Addressed at the Same Time.

I now have very loose skin in this area, more loose than it was originally plus my tummy tuck and mons area is bulging. It was quite a large apron removed so I under stood the... READ MORE

Considering a back lift.

What is general recovery time and after care to ensure scar doesn't migrate Hope to be able to have an arm lift extended in to the side to remove loose skin in that area also.... READ MORE

Tenting after Breast lift with no implants - 3 months post op. Any suggestions? (photo)

Breast lift revision (NO IMPLANTS) and I am unhappy with the results. I think my nipples are too high and the breast are very close with what appears like tenting as the skin... READ MORE

How can I address the folds of skin left after my Bra line back lift? (photos)

I am 3 months post op after a Bra line back lift. My surgeon advised that I didn't need Liposuction as my issue was skin folds not fat. Although he is happy with my result, I... READ MORE

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Hope your recovery is going well. I have similarproblem after having a TT so underwent a bra line back lift to get rid of the back roll. Definate improvement but still have lower excess skin. Going to now have to do LBL. Please... READ COMMENT

I have a similar problem after FDL, still very flat buttocks with loose skin in the lower back and flanks area. I had a bra line back lift earlier this year, to help remove the back roll, but it hasn't helped the lower area, so now... READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing. Your skin looks great and the incisions are hardly noticeable, even this early. I am in the process of having consults with surgeons and will definitely add Dominic to my list. Do you have a before picture to... READ COMMENT

Your skin looks lovely and smooth. What type of facelift did you have? A definite wow! READ COMMENT

That's interesting to know, was it by endoscopic? I'm plucking up courage to have a face lift including the brow area, but have been put off when researching at how invasive some brow lifts can be, with big scars in some cases. I've... READ COMMENT