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2 Yrs Post Late Stage Tattoo Removal~Give Yourself Time (And Be Realistic)

Ok, so I don't even know where to start. I guess I will start out by thanking everyone on here for their stories. I discovered this website a few months ago at about my 6th session into laser tattoo removal. Seeing your stories and words of advice has helped me and now I would like to be able to help someone else too by sharing my story. So in Dec 2011, I decided I wanted to get a tattoo... READ MORE

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PicoSure Laser Tri State Area? (photo)

I had 8 laser sessions on 2 black tattoos w the Medlite C6 and there are still outlines. I feel the process is at a standstill--after my last 2-3 sessions, I’ve seen little r... READ MORE

Which laser is BEST for black ink in regards to tattoo removal? PICO or 1064 Q-SWITCHED?

Some say Pico, some say 1064 Q, but there seems to be no consensus. Is there any CONCLUSIVE evidence of either one being more efficient (in regards to full removal) than the... READ MORE

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:) i like yr update...positivity flows w/ positive thoughts. You just passed it on:) READ COMMENT

Yeah I really have no idea about where the ink goes and I don't think anyone has proven anything in that regard. Originally I was told it gets flushed out by the body but others say it remains in the lymph nodes. One Dr also told me... READ COMMENT

Hi :) ink regret sure is a terrible feeling...def a new kind of regret for those that experience it. In all honesty, I think your ink is sweet but I can understand that tatts are personal, and hearing that you got it after a breakup... READ COMMENT

Hi there :) do you plan on getting coverups or are you going for complete removal? I had an all black wrist tattoo (outline only) and I am finally at the point where it's fully removed (a few blips of ink remain- but for the most part... READ COMMENT

Thanks :) I am happy w/ the results but def a lot of time invested...just glad it's over :) i do see patience in a whole new way now so that's a cool twist haha!! READ COMMENT