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I'm not sure about the thigh lift. - Rosenstock Lieberman Clinic - Costa Rica, CR

I'm not sure about the thigh lift. I had what is called draping form skin and tissue excess left after extreme weight loss. I did not have the T incision, which I am so thankful about. The problem with this procedure is the location of the "seam" along the groin area. I also had a tummy tuck, the compression garment I had to wear has an edge allowing for urination and bowel movements. It... READ MORE

The look is great and I'm glad I did it - Rosenstock Lieberman Clinic - Costa Rica, CR

The arm lift was one of several procedures I had done. It has taken more time to heal than the tummy tuck, face lift or thigh lift. It is simply very hard to keep arms still so that bruising and swelling stay down. The exterior stitches are removed within the two week window but the stitches under the skin take longer to dissolve and if the arms are moved too much they pull against the... READ MORE

Rosentstock Lieberman Clinic - Costa Rica, CR

I had multiple procedures including a face lift. I had an upper and lower eye lift, chemical peel and other procedures. My Doctors were very attentive and worked with the Chetica Ranch Wellness and Recovery Center. While at the clinic I was seen my all three doctors who evaluated my progress individually and collaborated together too. I had excellent nursing care and because of the multiple... READ MORE

Rosentock Lieberman Clinic - Costa Rica

After losing 130 pounds I had a lot of extra skin. Now my stomach is smooth and I no longer need an undergarment to hold the skin and tissue in under my clothes. In addition I fit into a size 6 which fits me very well. I went from a size 26 to a size 8 from the weight loss and a 6 after the tuck. The doctors and staff at the clinic were great. I stayed at the Chetica Ranch Wellness and... READ MORE