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Thanks for giving your PS reasons not to have a revision. I have more of a gap than yourself ( my PS did wanted to go bigger but I was afraid to). I've been going back & forth for over a year now whether or not to have a revision. ... READ COMMENT

What kind of chest wall deformity? You look GREAT! READ COMMENT

I have Mentor round silicone & yes they do get very cold at times, it is very strange, no one had warned me of that. Hope it doesn't hurt anything. I haven't been in a hot tub yet, but I wonder if heat would be bad for them. READ COMMENT

Do you do heavy chest work? I haven't since months before my surgery which was 16 months ago. I'm afraid if I build my pecs again (and they were thick!) , that it will displace the implants to the outside & look even worse when flexed.... READ COMMENT

My PS measured me 14.5 cm and said I should go at least 350 w/ moderate profile. I was so afraid that would be too big that I only did 300/275. I wish I would have just trusted her to do what she thought was best because I do have a... READ COMMENT