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Having Botox After 2 and a Half Months for Sweating. Is That Safe?

My insurance is running out so my doctor scheduled me to get the botox even though it is only two and a half months after getting the injections in my armpits. I'm not sure if... READ MORE

1 Unit of Botox 2.5 Months Ago for Underarms. Is It Safe to Use 1 Unit This Soon After?

I had 1 unit of botox between the two armpits. I have an appointment in less then twenty four hours to have another unit done. Which is great it works so well but I'm not... READ MORE

I had Miradry three days ago and the sweating has returned slightly. What should I do?

My swelling is very low after just three days, I didn't move and I iced all day and night. My sweating was completely gone but now I can see it is picking up again, much less... READ MORE

I had Miradry five days ago, I'm pretty much healed other than it feeling weird to the touch, can I go tanning?

I know you wouldn't recommend tanning beds in general but I am on spring break from college and want to make it look as if I went somewhere exotic and fun, :). Is it safe to go... READ MORE

I had my second miradry session four days ago and I seem to be sweating more than before I had it done?

The first session of miradry was four months ago and from the baseline of sweat I saw about 60-70 percent reduction in sweat! SO GREAT! So I went back to the doctor and I had... READ MORE