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Office review: Spent Money on Airplane Tickets for Nothing

I had heard many good things about Dr. Davis which is why I set up an appointment with him and spent money on airplane tickets to go see him because after e-mailing him any kind of question he would always say I should see him. I made an appointment almost a year in advance because he has a booked schedule. Long story short... his office cancelled my appointment even though I had confirmed... READ MORE

My Journey to Revision Rhinoplasty

Hello, I thought I would make this review about my journey to finding a revision plastic surgeon. I will be documenting my research, my reasoning and my experience to share with everyone. Hopefully this post will help others as I will be talking about a LOT of doctors until I finally come to December and make my decision. The revision rhinoplasty I am seeking is augmentative. I know a... READ MORE

Worst Decision of my Life - Monterrey

I had a rhinoplasty to remove a dorsal hump. I just wanted some minimal rasping but the doctor changed my entire nose! I don't recognize myself when I look in the mirror. The tip is upturned, and pinched. My profile is ski sloped (I asked for straight) and the nasal bones are now pencil thin! My eyes dont even look the same because he messed so much with the bones around them.... Every... READ MORE

Questions from RozeRoze

Release the Depressor Septi Nasi Under Local Anesthesia Thru Mouth or Inside Nose?

Hello,When I smile I have a droopy tip. There are other things about my nose that I am unsatisfied with but do not want a rhinoplasty because I am afraid I will not like the... READ MORE

Botox on the Depressor Anguli Oris Muscle?

Hello! I am 21 years old yet I have downturned corners of the mouth and what seems to be like a very slight marionette line. I was wondering if putting botox on the Depressor... READ MORE

Facelift for Young Adult (Age 21), Too Young?

Hello, I am 21 but am very displeased with the way my face looks. I have been thinking about getting a facelift but I know this would be controversial because of how young I am... READ MORE

When I Smile my Cheeks Cover Part of my Eyes, What Can I Do?

Hello, I really don't like my smile. It pushes my lower eyelids up and makes my eyes smaller. I am underweight so it is not a weight issue. At first I thought it was normal for... READ MORE

Botox, Facelift, Lipo or Something Else? (photo)

I am 21 and have had acne but that's cleared now. What bothers me about my face is that I have a lot of volume next to my chin and it looks weird because I am underweight. I... READ MORE

General questions about surgery on young people?

What is most popular (and acceptable) for people under 21? Like highschool or university students. Have you ever turned away a procedure for someone under 21? What was it and... READ MORE

Surgeon tied my tip and I dont like it. Is it possible to get the tip back to how it used to be?

My surgery was in December 20 2013. I used to have a square tip and had rhinoplasty to lower a hump and rotate the tip up a bit. As I woke up from the surgery I asked if he did... READ MORE

Cartiage harvest for lenghtening and widening the nose- can this be fixed using ear or rib cartilage?

CLOSED rhinoplasty with bad results. The doctor fractured my nose and made it MUCH MORE NARROW My tip is also over rotated slightly and was also narrowed by sutures so my... READ MORE

Reverse osteotomy to make the nose wider

I read about this somewhere, is this actually possible? and what is it exactly? I just want to avoid using rid catrilage to augment my nose which was reduced previously in a... READ MORE

Is dicing rib cartilage to prevent it from warping a common technique?

I am considering revision rhinoplasty to make my nose longer, wider and taller. I know for the amount of work I need I will need to have a rib harvest. What I'm concerned about... READ MORE

Teeth don't show after rhinoplasty, nostrils too small - Can it be corrected?

I had a closed rhinoplasty last year and I notice now if I open my mouth my teeth wont show. I always liked it when my two front teeth would show and feel very distressed by... READ MORE

Nasal bony pyramid too narrow after closed rhinoplasty

Is it possible to get the lateral walls of the nose back to where they once were? My nose is way too narrow, short and upturned now. I am hoping this can be reversed! All I... READ MORE

Is there a difference between lengthening and de-rotating the tip of a nose?

I was left with a short nose and looking for my revision posibilities. I keep reading about lenthening and de-rotating used in different ways. What is the difference between... READ MORE

Unnatural looking nose, nostrils very small and weird looking. Can this be fixed? (photo)

As you can see the tip is over rotated and the nostrils are only half the size of the tip which should be 3/4 because it looks so weird! I had to put juvaderm voluma on my... READ MORE

I still have sutures 2 months after my rhinoplasty, is this normal?

Hello, I had a closed rhinoplasty last December and still have sutures in my nose. Is this normal or should I have a doctor remove them? I figured they would fall by now READ MORE

Ala and columella "switched"

I used to have hanging ala and retracted columella and now after my closed rhinoplasty I have hanging collumella and retracted ala.I didnt tell the doctor to do this. I guess... READ MORE

Fracture of upper nasal bones too risky/difficult?

I had a closed rhinoplasty and unhappy with the narrow bones. It looks like just a stick! I know out fracture is possible but is it risky near the eye area? Also, is there a... READ MORE

Over turned nose as a result of closes rhinoplasty, can it go back to its original position if it's "released"? (photos)

I had a closed rhinoplasty. I used to have a long nose and now it's short. I asked the doctor how he made the tip look rotated and he said he placed a columnar strut. Would... READ MORE

Can this rhinoplasty be reversed? (Photo)

The doctor changed my entire face I am traumatized. Can someone please help me?! My nose is like a stick. Way too small for my face and he made it narrow and super upturned!... READ MORE

Do dorsal onlay grafts help with borderline piggy noses?

I was left with a short upturned nose and have been looking for before and after pictures of people with my problem (really hard to find!) I can only find patients with saddle... READ MORE

Is it possible to lengthen a nose without losing projection?

Also without making it pointy? maintaining its overall shape? do dorsal onlay grafts help with this? READ MORE

Is there a surgery to make feet smaller?

I am a size 10 and would like to be a size 8. I dont think size 10 feet look very femenine. I'm tall but I know models my height that have size 8 feet so it wouldnt look weird... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty affected my forehead and eyebrows. Can it be fixed?

After my rhinoplasty I feel that there is bone missing in my eyebrow area where the eyebrow meets the nose. Will a rhinoplasty revision specialist be able to replace the bone... READ MORE

Is it difficult to restore the width of the nasal pyramid? (Where the bone meets the cheekbone)

Hello Doctors! In a closed rhinplasty my doctor made my pyramind extremely narrow. I did not want him to mess with this part of my nose but he did. Is it possible to see where... READ MORE

Depression between eyebrows after closed rhinoplasty.

Hello, I had a closed rhinoplasty Dec 20 2013 (a little over 2 months ago) and ever since I notice under some lights a shadow that is cast between my eyebrows on my forehead. I... READ MORE

How difficult is it to widen the inner canthal area?

My doctor fractured my nose and made the entire thing narrower which was not something I wanted! Id like permanet widening of the entire nose but also the inner canthal area... READ MORE

Is it possible to see where the nasal pyramid originally started (in the cheekbone) during an Open Rhinoplasty?

(Please read to end) Is it difficult to restore the width of the nasal pyramid? (Where the bone meets the cheekbone) In a closed rhinplasty my doctor made my pyramind extremely... READ MORE

Adding bone to the lateral area of where the bone next to the eye meets the forehead to make the area thicker

The doctor made the bone that connects to the forehead extremely thin and this is really making my eyes look strange he took off a lot of bone between my eyes the one that... READ MORE

Is it possible to add bone to the part of the nose that connects to the eyebrow in a revision rhinoplasty?

I suspect my doctor fractured too aggressively and I Los bone in the area between the eyes and also middle eyebrow area is it possible to restore this? READ MORE

Is it possible to see the original ascending process of the maxilla in an open Revision Rhinoplasty?

Use out fracture to widen the lateral wall to where they used to be? (Make the lateral wall AND dorsum Wider) READ MORE

Possible to restore the frontal process of the maxilla?

I used to have this quite prominent and now it's flat. I feel like this really affects the way my eye and nose looks (my upper third of nose is also very narow because of... READ MORE

Can a radix graft be used to make the bone between the eyes wider? (photo)

Like in the picture. But what if I don't have septal cartilage? How often is this performed ? READ MORE

Is there any way that a retired doctor could do a revision rhinoplasty?

Dr. Jack Gunter is highly recommended by a lot of doctors but he is retired. He is the only plastic surgeon I see with dramatic revision rhinoplasty photos. Most doctors with... READ MORE

Any doctor out there particularly good at reverse osteotomies? (outfracture)

In a primary rhinoplasty the doctor performed lateral and medial osteotomies making my entire nose extremely narrow. I can't find a surgeon who would reverse the osteotomies or... READ MORE

Is there a way to shorten the upper lip during rhinoplasty besides de-rotation?

A friend of mine had a rhinoplasty procedure and it resulted in a shorter upper lip. I usually see the opposite, a longer upper lip, occuring as a result of rhinoplasty. She... READ MORE

How unpredictable is revision rhinoplasty?

I'm just wondering because I've seen revisions with good results but my mom says that the more surgery you get the worse you look. So I am worried about the risks of ending up... READ MORE

Long upper lip and no tooth show 4 months after rhinoplasty. Is there a way to fix this? (Photo)

According to op report the doctor cut the anterior part of the septum in closed rhinoplasty. He came in thru piriform aperture. Is there a way to fix this? There is no tooth... READ MORE

What are the benefits and risks of using bone cement on the sides of the upper third of the nose?

I would like this area widened. Where the nose meets the forehead but cannot find any other way to do it. Is bone cement very moldable? Does it feel like bone? Can bone grow... READ MORE

Can bone be lost due to osteotomies? Can nasal side walls be restored? (photos)

I feel like the doctor made my lateral nasal walls too narrow. He performed medial and lateral osteotomies. I have attached two photos of women to explain what I mean by narrow... READ MORE

Is it possible to move the ascending process of the maxilla further apart during revision after aggressive primary?

Last year, A doctor left my nose very narrow. He did lateral and medial osteotomies. They feel very irregular so I am afraid of losing more bone. Who can do this? How difficult... READ MORE

Can a bone graft successfully be used to widen the last real walls of the nose?

To create an ascending process of the maxilla further away from the nose Where is this bone graft harvested? Is it true that it can make bone fuse to it? Does it absorb easily... READ MORE

How much is it possible to move the ascending process of the maxilla outwards after aggressive medial and lateral osteotomies?

An approximation mm or cm is much appreciated. Is it possible to have multiple surgeries to achieve further widening? I attached examples of what I mean. The woman has... READ MORE

Are maxillary and orbital osteotomies normal in a rhinoplasty? Can they be reversed?

The doctor performed a closed rhinoplasty on me with orbital and maxillary osteotomies and it changed my entire face! Can this be reversed to any extent? How? Thank you! READ MORE

What are causes for nose whistling after Rhinoplasty? Could my doctor have narrowed my nasal valves too much?

Hello, I had a rhinoplasty about 5 months ago and notice constant whistling since cast removal. Whenever I look this up I see that the main cause is septal perforation but I am... READ MORE

Dark half circles between eyes after rhinoplasty. Possibly hemosiderin staining?

I am 5 months post op and has a lot of bruising the first fee weeks of rhinoplasty. Is there a way to fix this? I noticed it since cast removal and it's still present 5 months... READ MORE

How much widening is possible from spreader grafts?

A doctor made my nose extremely narrow with lateral and medial osteotomies so I'm looking into revision. How much widening is possible with spreader grafts (mm?) and do they... READ MORE

A doctor injected juvaderm voluma on my nose. Should I be concerned about complications?

Juvaderm voluma was injected into my nose by a doctor a month after my rhinoplasty because my nose was extremely narrow. My rhinoplasty was dec 2013 so the injection was... READ MORE

Making nose wider using a silastic block?

I read in a doctor's website "A silastic block may be carved for extremely narrowed noses and left in place for periods of up to 8 weeks." However when I consulted with him... READ MORE

What procedure was likely done to this patient? I need something similar to this

I know these two pictures are not enough but its what I found on the internet. Please give me your best guess about what is necessary to achieve this and if it is difficult to... READ MORE

Is it possible to do outfracture of the nose to make it wider even if the bone is missing? To achieve a look like these photos?

In these photos the girls nose is thinner because of an in fracture because of an accident. My nose is thin like this but due to aggressive rhinoplasty. Is it possible to get a... READ MORE

Would a septal extension graft help make the nasolabial angle how it used to be? (Photo)

Hello This is not a picture of me but I had a similar result with the nasolabial angle. As you can see the lip has a nice curve going into the nose on the before picture and in... READ MORE

What causes a nose to look like this? Can it be fixed? (Photo)

Notice how it seems like the dorsum connects directly to the cheek instead of having a side wall -bone transition. Is this fixable and What causes this? What is the name of... READ MORE

Can the junction between nose and forehead be widened? And made more Y shaped instead of T shaped?

I had a rhinoplasty that left my nasal bones way too thin. Even the bottom part of the frontal bone was messed with. It used to be Y shaped and now it's T shaped. The frontal... READ MORE

Is Hydroxyapatite safe to use on the upper third of nose and lower part of frontal bone to make the area WIDER?

What are the risks? Id like to make my nose more Y shaped instead of T shaped. I don't want HA filler I want something permanent READ MORE

How high up the nose can spreader grafts be placed to widen it?

Up to where the nasofrontal suture is? How much widening is possible?I'm interested in widening my entire nose from where it connects to the forehead to the tip. Can spreader... READ MORE

Is Nasal sill augmentation using superiorly based turn over orbicularis oris muscle flap common and will it shorten the lip?

I'm curious if this procedure is simple, what are the possible complications and how common is it? I'm trying to augment the nasal sill and shorten the upper lip at the same... READ MORE

Is it possible to make a nose like Joan Rivers' look natural? What are the names of the deformities she has?

What happened to the sides of her nose? It seems like her dorsum is connected to her cheeks is this because her bridge is too low or she just does not have sides to her nose??... READ MORE

Widen the upper bones of the nose. Is it possible to make a T nose into a Y nose? Can grafts be used? Would they stay in place?

Notice on the left the before picture is a T shaped nose (upper third is thin)The right picture is a Y shaped nose where it is wider at the top and then gets thinner. Is it... READ MORE

Is this morph possible/realistic? (photos)

I augmented the radix and dorsum, lengthened the nose, brought down the ala and gave myself back the "tethered" lip I used to have maybe due to the caudal septum or nasal spine... READ MORE

How is it possible that a doctor can reconstruct an entire nose like this? (Photo)

I am very impressed by there pictures and it gives me hope that I may get some of the width and length back of my own nose (which is simply a botch) but a lot of doctors say... READ MORE

Is it possible to use Turkish delight? Id like my nose to curve into my eyebrows like before my primary rhinoplasty. (photo)

How would this be possible? I heard the Turkish delight was moldable but I'm not sure how it would stay in place. Please see the picture to see what I mean READ MORE

Rhinoplasty changed upper lip position; What did this doctor use to change the nasolabial angle from acute to obtuse? (photo)

Hello. What did this doctor use to change the nasolabial angle from acute to obtuse? Besides rotating the tip. The upper lip went toward the face before the nose and now it... READ MORE

Is it possible to get rid of these creases in the nose? (Photo)

Previous rhinoplasty caused these creases Please let me know how much is possible to erase and with what grafts. Thank you READ MORE

Lip injections or lip lift? (Photo)

I'm curious about what this girl got done to her lips because she looks totally different I think she looks better after lip lift or lip injections READ MORE

What was done to fix the highlighted area of the nose? (Photo)

I have highlighted the area of concern. Each picture is posted twice one without the highlight and the other with it. What is the name of this area that was highlighted and how... READ MORE

Is it possible to make the bottom part of the columella wider like this picture? (Photo)

These drawings are worms eye view. I'm not interested in fillers so please do not suggest them. Thank you READ MORE

What are the risks involved with undergoing a 9-hour revision rhinoplasty?

The doctor I am considering said he would take somewhere around that long but I forgot to asks what the risks were. Thank you READ MORE

Is it possible to lower the hairline by half an inch?

I know there is a forehead reduction technique but I was considering hair transplantation because I don't want to have the huge scar. Is forehead reduction better if it is just... READ MORE

Looking for something less invasive than CO2 laser for treating acne scarring.

Is there anything out there less invasive than a CO2 laser but more aggressive than a chemical peel? I read somewhere about dermatologists using a toothpick with chemical on it... READ MORE

What happens if I get Vaser with fat transfer to my gluteus and then I do squats? Does the fat injected get lost if I do squats?

I want to get this procedure done to get a larger butt but I'm wondering what happens with the transferred fat if I start going to the gym. I would be doing mostly weight... READ MORE

Why do some butt lifts or augmentation end up sagging or with a deep crease?

I see that this is a common complaint from patients and I was wondering why this happens READ MORE

Is this result possible from jaw or chin surgery? What must be done? (Photo)

I don't really have any problem with the position of my teeth because I had braces. I'm just interested in making my bottom half of my face less square and more V shaped. Are... READ MORE

Is it ok an safe for an aesthetician to do the Microneedeling on a customer? I thought a dermatologist had to do it.

This is an "anti aging clinic" there are no dermatologists working there and I just wanted to know if it was safe to get your face micro needled by an aesthetician. Any risks I... READ MORE

Lower Facelift in early-mid twenties?

I am in my 20s & VERY interested in a lower facelift. I desire this procedure because my face shape is kindof square but if I put 2 fingers on each side of my mandible & lift... READ MORE

Recent comments from RozeRoze

Hello! Would you mind posting updated photos? They would be much appreciated! READ COMMENT

When I *SMILE wide. I don't smoke TYPO READ COMMENT

Would you mind posting pictures of before and after smiling? My lip gets shorter when I smoke wide so I wonder what it would look like if it got even shorter READ COMMENT

Wow! Looks like he left just the perfect amount of space! I love it so far! READ COMMENT

Wow I love your result! I think it's beautiful! I don't see any sagging in the picture. Was that something that happened later? READ COMMENT