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Second Month of Accutane and Not Seeing Any Results?

Hello,I am in my second month of accutane (Claravis) and I don't see any results. I have severe scarring acne so my doctor had prescribed me 100 mg per day. When I first... READ MORE

Some Accutane Concerns?

Hello, I am a male on accutane for almost 2 months. Currently on 100 mg per day, no major side effects besides dry skin and lips. Concerns: red scars after acne dissappers. New... READ MORE

My Face Itches Randomly on Accutane. Pls Answer?

Hello, I am a male on accutane 120 ml a day. No worries no side effects beside dry skin & lips. Just started month three. Now for my concern. My face randomly itches!!!!... READ MORE

Scars Getting Red from Accutane? Pls Answer!

Hello, I am a male 197lb on 120ml of accutane per day. This is my third month. Recently my acne has greatly reduced!!! The only problem I have is with the red scars. I still... READ MORE

Acne Scarring! What Should I Do? Pls Answer! (photo)

Hello, I am a male on 120 ml accutane daily. I have no major side effects. My major problem is that i have bad hyperpignentation. Its looks quite bad. Do you think i need... READ MORE

Why is my Face So Red on Accutane?

Hello, I am currently starting my 4 month of accutane 140 mg per day. I know its pretty high but my face acne has cleared up and still getting few acne on my back, but they are... READ MORE

Red Acne Scars?

I have red acne scars from cystic and nodular acne. After taking Accutane all my acne has settle down but the Scars still HAUNT me! is this the problem with not enough collagen... READ MORE

Red marks after Accutane! Why? Please help.

Hello, I was on accutane 160 dose per day. My acne never stopped but got significantly less in occurrence and size. The acne now is not concerning only the red marks. They are... READ MORE

My cystic acne is back, should I take a second course of Accutane to get rid of it completely?

Hello, i was on accutane about 4 months ago. when i stopped i still had small bumps but not cystic or anything. before accutane they were cystic nodular acne. now i am starting... READ MORE

What are these bumps on the back of my arms? (photos)

Hello, I have been getting these bumps on my triceps and side of that part of the arm. They are itchy sometimes. Also I have them on my chest. Are they acne? Thanks so much in... READ MORE

Initial Breakout on Second regimen of Accutane? (Please Answer, please!)

Hello, I just started my second course of Accutane with 40 mg/day. My previous dose was much higher, started with 80 mg/day and went up to 170 mg/day. At that time I had severe... READ MORE

What is this peristant redness? Please please please answer! (Photo)

Hello! I have had acne for past 3 years... I took acutane and the acne has significantly gone down but these red parts of the face is very embarrassing. They have been like... READ MORE