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Restylane 1ml - Sunnybank, AU

Had been thinking about getting lip fillers for a while, and finally decided to go ahead with it. I had it done on the 26/06/13 ar 4.30pm so it's been 10 days. After discussion with the injector, we decided to go with 1ml (as opposed to 1/2ml) which I am so happy I did. I think 1/2ml wouldn't have shown up at all! Immediately after treatment I began using: arnica cream on the lips, Zovirax (as... READ MORE

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Hahah! No worries, I still get notifications of comments. I never have gone to more than 1ml. I have given up on restylane though. I had it probably 4 times again after this post, and every time is only seemed to last month or two.... READ COMMENT

Oh no, you took my comment the wrong way. What I was saying was that I thought your lips were gorgeous before getting it done, so you didn't really need to get lip injections. For example with myself - my lips definitely weren't great... READ COMMENT

Great results! Personally I think your lips looked great before, but definitely better with the juvederm. It's making me want to get it done again! Ps - you look just like Mila Kunus! Gorgeous x READ COMMENT

Hi, Your results are great. You have a somewhat similar shape to me.. I have that curviness where the outer thighs and love handles bulge out :S Your results are really impressive, particularly the smooth line from your outer hips to... READ COMMENT

I cannot believe you are 51...! Can I ask if you've had children? I am 26 and in reasonable shape and your body is way better than mine! Wish I had your genes! Beautiful results by the way, you should be very pleased! READ COMMENT