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Butt Implants - Henderson, NV

I am what I would consider a typical vegas girl and mother of 2. After my second child I was ready to do butt implants which I have wanted for 2-3 years. I had a nice butt to begin and just wanted an enhancement just because I like a nicer rounder butt. So of course I go to my Doctor's. ... READ MORE

Cellulaze on Back and Outer Thighs - Henderson, NV

I was actually disappointed. I paid 7,200$, which is more then what I paid for a full tummy tuck with abdominal reconstruction and it was in an in office procedure. I would say there was about a 50% improvement and the procedure to me was worth no more then 3500-4k. The doctor kept telling me... READ MORE

BBL After Implant Removal - Henderson, NV

Hello peoples I had butt implants placed 6 months ago and removed within weeks. The reasons I had them removed was because the recovery was not something I was fully prepared for I had to be off work over 6 weeks, the implants were very hard, and I do not know if I could have ever got used to... READ MORE

31 Yo. Third Breast Surgery - Las Vegas, NV

I have always had extremely large breasts. I had my first kid young at 19 and my breasts doubled in size to almost an H. At that time my insurance paid for a reduction and brought me back to a D/Dd and I was happy. By 25 my breast were not saggy but they were completely flat they had no... READ MORE

Questions from Vegasgirl10

What could this be and how soon can I fix it? Is it realistic to have revision at 4.5 months po or is it required to wait 6 m?

Had massive reduction/lift/remove/replace 4 months ago. Third reduction in my life (they just grow back). Very small implants 150cc for upper fullness, silicone gel. This was... READ MORE

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Thank you thank you thank you. Don't risk your life to be in a rush or save another flight. Nobody is thinking of her life health and safety. Unethical doctors do things for money. Besides what's your recourse? You can't sue a doctor... READ COMMENT

I have no lack of knowledge at all in fact I have personally had every single procedure she has signed up for so not only do I have a huge medical background I personally went threw it. The nerve of you is more like it. NO ethical... READ COMMENT

Whatever Doctor agreed to do all those things to you at one time isn't looking out for your best interest. Period. I have had all of those procedures done and it's not even possible to do them together....a bbl requires 14 days... READ COMMENT

I don't want to be offensive by any means but I always hear these stories more and more frequently about people claiming to be ill from Perfectly safe implants. Illness happens to like .05% of implant patients do you ever wonder if... READ COMMENT

The temp never represents the final bite it's a temporary READ COMMENT