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Voluma Vs Radiesse - Toronto, ON

I added 1.5cc of Voluma into both my cheeks. I already had Radiesse along the zygomatic arch but the area I desperately needed volume was the anteromedial cheek. So in went 1.5cc of Voluma just into that region. Seeing as I have also had Radiesse into that area before I will review a comparison. Aesthetics: Voluma is significantly softer and more natural looking than Radiesse. It is less... READ MORE

Cheekbone Augmentation with Radiesse (Male) - Scottsdale, AZ

2 issues: I had lost alot of weight (20lbs, went from 170-150lbs) in 2 months so I had lost significant fat padding on my cheekbones essentially hollowing out my midface. My cheek fat pad had also dropped off my cheekbone slightly (malar ptosis) hence further hollowing out my cheek. Solution:I had radiesse injected both on the lateral cheek and the anterior cheek on 2 separate occasions... READ MORE

Questions from daswissbeats

Masculine Angular Cheekbones with Fillers? (photo)

Through time the fat padding has descended vertically down my face which has puffed up my lower face. I would like my cheeks to be "lifted" back and/plus also possible... READ MORE

Fillers After Buccal Fat Removal

I understand buccal fat removal is a problematic procedure as it may cause hollow/sunken cheeks in future due to aging hence its akin to pursuing a short term goal but with... READ MORE

Cheek Augmentation with Fillers Vs Cheek Lift with Fillers?

Is there a difference between the two procedures? In terms of technique. Or are they essentially the same i.e cheek augmentation with fillers will give you a "lift" too and... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo to Lower Cheeks, Risk of Irregularities?

I was wondering if vaser lipo together with subsequent micro cannula liposuction to the lower cheek area is a good procedure. I understand that irregularities with lipo are... READ MORE

What Has Changed in my Face? Cheek Augmentation? (photo)

The picture on the left was me 3 yrs ago and the picture on the right (blue shirt) is me now (I am 24yrs old) . I was wondering in your opinion what has changed and how I can... READ MORE

Different Male Cheekbone Augmentation Filler Technique?

What is the difference in technique used for fillers in men vs women when cheekbone augmentation is desired? Since male and female aesthetic standards for cheekbone differ. In... READ MORE

Voluma vs Radiesse?

I've had radiesse injected into my cheeks, with the apple placed more laterally to produce a look which gave my face definition and angularity. Radiesse seemed to give me more... READ MORE

More information about voluma please

I was wondering if the RESULTS actually last 2 yrs as stated, those doctors outside of the USA specifically would be able to answer this as it has been used for a number of... READ MORE

Radiesse carrier molecule?

Ok so if radiesse is 70% carrier molecule which dissipates over 3 months then this means that for a 1.5cc injection you will be left with less than 0.5cc of actual filler after... READ MORE

Voluma or Radiesse?

Is it true that you would need more syringes of voluma for the same effect as radiesse? Do they produce a different "look"? Can voluma also produce a more defined look as well? READ MORE

Voluma: lateral, apex, apple, submalar cheek

For a more chiseled appearance (on a male) should filler be concentrated on the apex and lateral areas instead of the apple and submalar area? Also please explain the aesthetic... READ MORE

Is it midface hollowing or malar fat pad descent?

I am 25. After weight lost my midface was hollow so I regained some weight to try to rejuvenate my midface. However it seems my lower face is now where most of the weight goes... READ MORE

Voluma to slim face down?

Is it true that adding a filler like voluma to the lateral cheeks will give an illusion of a slimer (more slim) face? Is this because you are augmenting the actual zygomatic... READ MORE

Is Radiesse better for a bony zygomatic arch augmentation than Voluma?

Is radiesse a better product to use to augment the lateral cheeks in men than voluma? Since it is harder, will it be more suitable for a bony augmentation compared to the... READ MORE

I'm concern that the fat will droop down after cheek Liposuction. Is this a valid concern or is it extremely uncommon?

I am interested in getting my cheeks (lower/submalar) liposuctioned via VASER and microcanulas or with Aqualyx (a new lipid dissolver). But I am afraid that the loss of fat in... READ MORE

When will Kybella be available? Any potential off label uses? Costs?

I was wondering when it will become available and what its potential cost will be. Also could this be used in the lower cheek region, particularly right above the jaw to get... READ MORE

Can unused filler be saved?

Can filler that remains in the syringe be stored and re-used later? And if so for how long can they be saved? Does their consistency change in anyway if saved e.g do they... READ MORE

How much does allergan charge physicians for each syringe of juverderm voluma?

I know a med spa which charges under $500 per syringe, just want to figure out if I'm getting the real product based on this cheap price READ MORE

Voluma technique?

I want my anteromedial cheek aka apple of the cheek to be full and youthful but I notice that when I add filler to that area, my submalar area directly below that aka hollow... READ MORE

Can you save Radiesse mixed with Xylocaine for later use?

I was wondering if saving any remaining unused radiesse for later touch ups AFTER it has been mixed with xylocaine would have a negative impact on the radiesse product. i.e its... READ MORE

Is it ok to mix fillers together that are different from each other?

I just got radiesse in my cheeks 2 weeks ago and I need a touch up. But now I am at a location where I cannot get radiesse and can only get HA products like perlane, juvederm... READ MORE

Teosyal Ultimate vs Voluma?

Could any doctors let me know what the difference you have found between the two fillers? Since they are both indicated for the same areas in the face with the same goals. READ MORE

Fear of venous compression from Voluma

I got Voluma in my cheeks about 5 days ago and immediately after I got a mild bruise that seemed to follow the pathway of the infraorbital vein. The bruise was VERY mild, only... READ MORE

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How much does allergan charge physicians for juvederm voluma?

I know a place that charges under $500 per syringe, just want to figure out if I'm getting the real product based on this cheap price. READ MORE

Recent comments from daswissbeats

Nope I have not tried sculptra even though my plastic surgeon keeps trying to sell me it. But yes I agree it is not good value for money. Did you find that you achieved a more natural look withy voluma compared to radiesse? READ COMMENT

Hey Lishious, I had Volift injected into the cheeks right on the bone. I've had other products injected there (voluma and radiesse). Volift did seem to be very hard when I first got it for the first few days but it softens significantly... READ COMMENT

I understand your confusion but you were not screwed IMO. Voluma used to come in 1 syringe of 2ml. But newer packaging comes in 2 syringes of 1ml each. $600 seems like a good deal for 1ml of voluma as it is typically around 800-900 per... READ COMMENT

First 2 months I did not gain any weight, but within my 3rd month I regained my weight. So the changes in the first 2 month can no way be attributed to weight gain. Maybe for the 3rd month weight gain played a role. Mind you if you put... READ COMMENT