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Bump on Nose + Reduction of Tip - Montreal, QC

I wanted a nose that would be closer to my face, take out the bump and have a smaller tip. I had a great consultation with Dr. Gilardino in Montreal. He is very honest and has discouraged me to do other surgeries. He said he would lift the tip of my nose, I was unsure about it and it does... READ MORE

Questions from sison

What is the Best Solution for Under Eye Bags?

I have eye bags who tend to become really apparent when Im tired and I don't have much cheek bones. A surgeon told me I should get small implants under my eyes superior to my... READ MORE

Will Cheek Implant Move or Get Lower After Only a Few Years After the Surgery? Is It the Same for Permanent Injections?

A surgeon told me it wasn't a good idea because he removes a lot of them since they fall with gravity . READ MORE

Where can we see images of different models of chin implants ?

I have been looking over the internet for the images of chin implants be all I see is images of people'S chin after the implant. READ MORE

How much is it to have a hair line lowering surgery in Canada?

I would also like to know : How long is the procedure and can it be done under local anesthesia ? Thank you very much ! READ MORE

Can an under eye implant reduce the appearance of under eye bags?

I have small facial bones, a doctor told me I could have under eye implant above my cheekbones to diminish the appearance of my under eye bags, is it worth it ? READ MORE

Does the numbness always go away after chin implant ? I'm still number after 12 days.

I have had a chin implant 12 days ago, my chin and lower lip is still numb, my speech is different and that makes me uncomfortable and I find my smile a little odd because my... READ MORE

If I put Latisse on my forehead around my hair line, will it make enough smaller hair grow that my hairline could be lower ?

I want to lower my hairline without surgery since my forehead is too high. Will I have to always buy Latisse and reaply it constatly to keep the new forehead hair growing ? READ MORE

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Hi, thank you so much for sharing. Is the incision going around you ear also ? Did it lift your brows ? I have really high brows so I wouldn't want this procedure to lift them more READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Will you brows be lifted permanently because of this procedure ? I already have really high brows, so I would look bad of I did the procedure and it lifted them.. READ COMMENT

No, he just felt it with his fingers and explained to me what I could really expect from the surgery, he doesn't give you false hopes READ COMMENT

I like the result !!! When did the numbness go away on chin and lip ? READ COMMENT

Are you still numb on lips and chin ?? READ COMMENT