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Bump on Nose + Reduction of Tip - Montreal, QC

I wanted a nose that would be closer to my face, take out the bump and have a smaller tip. I had a great consultation with Dr. Gilardino in Montreal. He is very honest and has discouraged me to do other surgeries. He said he would lift the tip of my nose, I was unsure about it and it does change me a lot because I'm not use to see inside my nose from my front profile. You have to be ready for... READ MORE

Questions from sison

What is the Best Solution for Under Eye Bags?

I have eye bags who tend to become really apparent when Im tired and I don't have much cheek bones. A surgeon told me I should get small implants under my eyes superior to my... READ MORE

Will Cheek Implant Move or Get Lower After Only a Few Years After the Surgery? Is It the Same for Permanent Injections?

A surgeon told me it wasn't a good idea because he removes a lot of them since they fall with gravity . READ MORE

Where can we see images of different models of chin implants ?

I have been looking over the internet for the images of chin implants be all I see is images of people'S chin after the implant. READ MORE

How much is it to have a hair line lowering surgery in Canada?

I would also like to know : How long is the procedure and can it be done under local anesthesia ? Thank you very much ! READ MORE

Can an under eye implant reduce the appearance of under eye bags?

I have small facial bones, a doctor told me I could have under eye implant above my cheekbones to diminish the appearance of my under eye bags, is it worth it ? READ MORE

Does the numbness always go away after chin implant ? I'm still number after 12 days.

I have had a chin implant 12 days ago, my chin and lower lip is still numb, my speech is different and that makes me uncomfortable and I find my smile a little odd because my... READ MORE

If I put Latisse on my forehead around my hair line, will it make enough smaller hair grow that my hairline could be lower ?

I want to lower my hairline without surgery since my forehead is too high. Will I have to always buy Latisse and reaply it constatly to keep the new forehead hair growing ? READ MORE

Recent comments from sison

Hi, thank you so much for sharing. Is the incision going around you ear also ? Did it lift your brows ? I have really high brows so I wouldn't want this procedure to lift them more READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Will you brows be lifted permanently because of this procedure ? I already have really high brows, so I would look bad of I did the procedure and it lifted them.. READ COMMENT

No, he just felt it with his fingers and explained to me what I could really expect from the surgery, he doesn't give you false hopes READ COMMENT

Are you still numb on lips and chin ?? READ COMMENT