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Need advice - post op

I have been stalking real self for months now.. and thanks to everyone's pictures and reviews I have decided to get a BBL done with Dra Duran in the DR. I sent her an email tonight with my pictures and expectations. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to get a quote! :) Age: 25 Height:... READ MORE

Had my Consulation Today - Boca Raton, FL

I had braces in middle/high school and apparently didn't wear my retainer like I was supposed to. My teeth are not actually crooked now but my arch shrunk back and crowded all my teeth. Now some are behind others because there's no room. I've been wanting invisalign for a long time now, but it... READ MORE

Not Sure if my Body is Rejecting Permanent Makeup - West Palm Beach, FL

I've been looking into permanent makeup for a long time now because I want to have a fresh face when I need to run out the door without having to sit down and put makeup on. I want to go a whole day without my makeup rubbing off, and go to the gym without wearing real makeup or looking like a... READ MORE

Questions from lajefa

Red Lines Around Belly Button After Lipo? (photo)

I had lipo almost two weeks ago. I've noticed I have red lines all around my belly button for a week an I don't know what they are. They are NOT from my garment, those lines go... READ MORE

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Thanks! I'm actually going to have Dra Duran redo my BBL this summer lol but yes, I'm definitely going with the best the first time this time. I'll post pics soon! READ COMMENT

Yea in thinking that's my only option. I wanna get my arms done later so ill need an arm garment anyways. It's just sticking out bc it's not being compressed so all the fluid is going up READ COMMENT

I have no idea how much he took out. He told me he injected 700cc and told my husband 750cc, but it feels like 1200 haha. Its huge! I wasnt so good with the before and after stuff, but my measurements from like a month ago were 36, 35,... READ COMMENT

Thanks girl I guess I didn't think about thst. I just don't want the fat to settle like that. And there's noooo way I'm going back to him n go through that hell again! READ COMMENT