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I totally understand. For most people, that resolves completely in 6 weeks. It's actually damage to the intraocular nerve. Unfortunately, for me, it's permanent and 3 years later, I still feel like I came from the dentist. It's not... READ COMMENT

RaiderKMS: Yes, I went to a neurologist and 3 oral & maxillofacial surgeons, one who has a phenomenal reputation at Mass. General Hosp (which is 6 hours from where I live). I was told that it was nerve damage and there is nothing you... READ COMMENT

I believe that is what I have as well. Whether we call it dysthesia or parathesis, the bottom line is that the feeling is not normal and is extremely disturbing. I, too, am desperate for an answer! READ COMMENT

Warison, What kind of horrible effects have you had? At this point, I don't know if my numbness is from the Radiesse itself or from nerve injury from the needle. I'm really scared because it seems to be getting worse and I thought by... READ COMMENT

It's been a few weeks short of a year after my Radiesse injections in my cheeks, and I have paresthesia on the whole right side of my face, upper lip, teeth and gums. I'm told it's unusual but nothing can be done. READ COMMENT