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Sculptra over Reaction? Very Sick With Sculptra For Two Years.

It is getting better, with less swelling, no pain now. I am in to year 3. Does that mean it will go away? Getting very scared reading all the side effects people got from it... READ MORE

What Kind of Surgeon Specializes in Face and Fillers?

Looking for a plastic surgeon that only deals with face and fillers, also does reconstruction surgeries. Please let me know who specializing in that area. Thank"s. READ MORE

Here I Read Sculptra Needs to Be Mixed 24 Hour Before

I don't think many Dr does. Mine mixes it right there not him but an assistant great, no wonder it gave an reaction now lasted past 3 years. READ MORE

Will Doxyccyclin Supress the Growth of Sculptra and when You Stop Years Later It Starts Again?

I got told Doxycycline suppress the growth of Sculptra, and if you go off it it will start again even if its years later. Please help is that true? This is two years after the... READ MORE

If Sculptra is Not Mixed 24 Hours Before and an Reaction Happens, Will You Still Get Well?

When you get a reaction so called over reaction and it wasn't mixed a head of time, will you still get well, will it pass and leave the body sooner or later any way? READ MORE

Reaction After Three Years Can That Happen and Still Go Away?

I wonder if your Dr still injects with inflammation present. I am just at three years and still got some inflammation present will it still go away or am I ruined? Can't ask... READ MORE

Has Any One Had Any Side Effects from Vampire Inj?

You still have to mix it with hyaluronic acid. People I have seen, It does not seam to last very long. Is this procedure the safest of all injectable as far as reactions? READ MORE

Overreaction from Sculptra, Does That Mean You Got an Immune Disorder?

Trying to understand. People that get an reaction from Sculptra and it stays for a long time, does that mean every one has an auto immune disorder? READ MORE

Way Use Sculptra if No One Knows Why Some Get a Reaction?

One Dr remark we don't know way an reaction happens. Isn't it quite dangerously to work with a product and you don't know if or when a person will get an reaction ? Is it good... READ MORE

Way Work with a Product That is Unstable?

Is it wise that Dr works or use an unstable product, that you don't know all about and how it going to act in some people? Isn't Sculptra a very unpredictable product? READ MORE

What Documents Stating That Sculptra Build Collagen?

Is it any documents about any biopsy done to prove that Sculptra really trigger collagen production? Don't believe there is. Like to know. READ MORE

Doctors in Europe Refuse to Use Sculptra, Why Do You Continue To Use It?

Way do you Dr use Sculptra when you know the side effects. It's over with in Europe it been there 10 years shouldn't you learn from them ??? READ MORE

Inflammation in One Area After Three Years Mark, Will It Still Go Away ?

Reaction after Sculptra still in one area but milder at three years mark will it go away? Can I in the mean time get Juvederm or will that be a problem? READ MORE

Why Does Dr in Europe Say Sculptra Last for 3-5 Years?

Here I hear that it's gone in two years, not my case something I need to worry about? READ MORE

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How come...

  I am just stun that every Dr seam to think no big deal what Sculptra can do when go wrong or to much injected. I have been sick over three years with inflammation on one... READ MORE

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You will get well. Just no time when. Dr say it only last 2 years and other people say 10 years. No wonder why Sculptra never said how long it can last after overreaction or problems READ COMMENT

I was 49 had 7 viles through 1 year it was last 2 that started it. I am 55 now still have episodes. Yes it will do that some good days and some bad. I had more then it was recommended I heard. My first year I thought my eyes was going... READ COMMENT

It's an overreaction of collagen the body can't handle. Not a allergy reaction READ COMMENT

I feel for you all out there that going though this. I was bed rest for a year the pain was so severe I wanted to take my life red as a tomato. All I want to tell you people out there that is going through this is it will go away even... READ COMMENT