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Researching Options of Each Stage of Fat Transfer to Breast.. (Ie: AFT BA!) - Australia

Hey there Team FatTransfer (FT) & interested others! I am posting this because, having spent a good month industriously digging around in some of the farther corners of this amazing website, I have (a) found it tricky to find a lot of info about fat-transfer to breast (while there is lots of info on FT to face and buttocks, there are about a dozen great reviews on breast augmentation and that... READ MORE

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Hi all There are now several scarless lift options around that use internal devices.. Some of these might be an option? Am on a work trip now, but still plan to upload the info I've found on my review page ASAP. I have up/forward... READ COMMENT

PS: I can't believe I didn't even say… Colleen you look INCREDIBLE! I am sure Dr B must be feeling very proud right now too. And I love that you said something in you just said to do it… I think it is so great to know that you had dou... READ COMMENT

Hear, hear, Rockstar!! I completely agree with your comments about Colleen and Amelia (+BB, Whatwhat and co)… You guys have been just fabulous - think you should put yourself in there as well, Rockstar :-) I too really appreciate y... READ COMMENT

Hi there Unachica I am waiting with baited breath to hear how you're doing!! Today must be two weeks out for you, yes? I trust it finds you healing well and very happy with your results to date, but I'd love to hear first-hand how... READ COMMENT

Hey Rockstar.. It was you I'm talking about. So on the same page... I'm dreaming about it too! Talk more soon.. facebook type interface is a great idea, - that's why I thought i'd add section by section, so people can post a reply in... READ COMMENT