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Did my Not Ps Not Listen to Me? I Change Mind from Just a Lift to Getting a Ba As Well but It Was a While Between my 2 Consults.

I am 5'1" 110lbs and 30-31 ribcage. I expressed to my ps that I did not want to look like ingot a ba and that I had had (naturally) large breast at on point and have grown... READ MORE

If I Have 68 Natrell Mp Implants 210 Filled to 240, Can I Have Them Replaced with 120's? (photo)

I have a 31 ribcage, and am unsure of bw. I am very unhappy with my implants as I feel they are too big. My ps told me this was already very conservative and that it would be... READ MORE

I Want a Revision to Get Smaller Implants, Surgeon Discourages it, Why? (photo)

I do not have before pics but I do have pics of what I asked for and would like an opinion on if anyone thinks this is what I got. I have 31 ribcage, 5'1", 110 lbs. was a full... READ MORE

Looking for a Different Point of View on if my Goal Pictures Look Like my Results? (photo)

I am having major difficulty emotionally with my ba results. I think they look huge and are not at all what I asked for. I am 5'1", 110lbs, 31 ribcage and was a full b, saggy c... READ MORE

Will my Results from Having a Breast Lift Done in Stages Be Just As Good As if It Was Done All at Once? (photo)

As s last minute decision i hit 240cc mp implants with my lift 3 months ago. my ps switched from a full anchor lift to a j-cut because of this. i want the implants removed and... READ MORE

Do I Have Double Bubble after a j-cut lift and 240cc mp implant.? (photo)

I posted a question a few day ago regarding a lift and removing implants because they are bigger than I had wanted. One if the doctors commented on my double bubble. Part of... READ MORE

Should I Go Back to the Same Surgeon to Have Implants Taken out Without Replacement? Should I See Someone Else?

I don't know what I would do without this website! I have another question about implant removal. I was supposed to have a full anchor lift but opted for 240cc unders and a... READ MORE

Wonder How Much Projection Is From Lift And My Own Tissue And How Much From Implant? (photo)

Got a lift and 240cc mp. 35.5 bust pre, 37.5" now.  5'1", 110lbs, 25"waist.  32d pre, 36 full d now. Like the way I look naked, not clothed.  Feel large.clothes... READ MORE

Can an implant removal and lift revision be done under local? Is there substantial savings? (photo)

I have 240 saline understand. And a j-cut do far give the lift. I would feel the other incision in necessary to complete the lift. I also feel the raised scars could be touched up. READ MORE

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Has anyone had small implants removed with lift?

I was a full b small c before lift with 240mp implants. I just wanted the lift but second guessed myself and went for the implant. Now I wish I could have seen what just rge... READ MORE

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That is so wrong!!! It's a shame so many of us have to go through this process. You look amazing, and it sounds like you FEEL amazing:)Thanks so much for sharing your story. READ COMMENT

Can I ask your stats before removal. Weight/height/profile and cc of implant. You look about the same size as me:) Thanks READ COMMENT

Hi there, I have 240cc mp and am looking to explant. Can I ask what profile you had? You look beautiful! READ COMMENT

Thanks. You are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing:) READ COMMENT

You look so amazing! Do you happen to know how many cc's you had removed? READ COMMENT