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Finally Having my Breast Augmentation and Going with Dr. Ortega! Very Excited! -Coral Gables, FL

I met Dr. Ortega in Coral Gables Plastic Surgery Center couple days ago. I was supposed to see another doctor. somehow appointments got mixed up(and im glad that they did) and long story short Dr. Ortega took place and the moment he entered the room with a big smile he brought his positive energy and I knew that I'd like him. He has a great personality. very positive, helpful and understanding... READ MORE

Questions from LolitaRogers

I Am 27y/o 99lbs 5'3? Second Opinion On Breast Implant Size? (photo)

Hi, im a 30b/32a cup petite woman. considering breasts like Miss Prestin's. i have seen 2 doctors. They both said 400-450cc is the most i can get cuz of my breast tissue and... READ MORE

400-450 Cc HP Silicones Undermuscle for Petite Woman. Will Be Enough for the Desired Look? What Bra Size Am I Gonna Be? (photo)

Im a 30b/32a cup(not sure) 99lbs, 5'3" considering breasts like Miss Prestin's. i have seen 2 doctors. They both said 400-450cc HP is the most i can get and is enough to give... READ MORE

Will my 2 Inch Cleavage Improve? (photo)

Im 1 day post op. doing well for now. I had 425 cc HP silicone unders preaerola. My only concern is before the surgery my dr told me i will have only 1 inch gap between breasts... READ MORE

Will I Lose the Upper Fullness if I Use a Compression Band?

I asked for round "fake" breasts with upper fullness. Im 3 days post op. My follow up dr (different than my surgeon) told me to wear a compression band to help the implants... READ MORE

Will They Look Big Fake and Round After Recovery? What Are They Gonna Look Like in the End? Will They Shrink? (photo)

Im 10 days post op. 425 HP silicone undermuscle. I think my surgeon is great but I was hoping to get unnatural stripper looking breasts. big round firm with lots of upper pole... READ MORE

Is It Okay That my Periareolar Incision Looks Like a Crease Incision? Whats the Best Way to Heal the Areola Scars? (photo)

Im post op 2 weeks. My ps told me i can take off the bandages whenever i feel like. So i did last night. Im a little concerned. My areola incision is not around my nipples but... READ MORE

My implants didn't drop after 4 months. Is that normal? Is it capsular contracture? (photo)

I got 425CC HP smooth round silicone unders 4 months ago and i think they fluffed but didnt drop much. my nipples are still pointing down and i have no lower pole fullness. im... READ MORE

Upsizing from 425cc to 550+ cc before or after pregnancy? How to get them to look more round/fake? will grade 2 cc help? (photo)

Im 5'4 104 lbs. I got 425cc HP silicone unders 5 months ago. They never dropped so I had inferior capsulotomy 4 days ago. They are sitting lower but too natural and with less... READ MORE

Switching from 425cc HP silicones to 550-700cc Salines for the pornstar look - can i accommodate larger implants? (Photo)

5'4 104lbs. I was 32A and got 425cc hp silicone 6 mnth ago then had capsulotomy 2 weeks ago. He lowered the pocket and released the muscle. When can i go bigger? Do i have to... READ MORE

Would 650cc overfilled to 700 (or 750) under muscle be enough? 225-250cc doesn't sound enough to make a visible difference.

5.4" 104lbs. 32A pre-op. got 425 HP silicones (34D-BDW 14.5). Im upsizing&switching to salines. My ps said he'll overfill a 650cc shell. a different dr suggested 1000cc. my ps... READ MORE

Is there a way to prepare my skin for extra large implants?

5'4 104lbs .got 425cc hp silicones last year. currently 34d. Im having my 2nd op in june. My ps said he will go as big as my skin can take. I want to double up the size so... READ MORE

Why are my nostrils still uneven and septum is still crooked after septorhinoplasty?

I had septorhino combo by an ent dr. 3 days ago. I asked him to fix the deviation, refine the tip, straighten the bone and some other stuff but i never mentioned my uneven... READ MORE

How soon after rhinoplasty can I have breast augmentation surgery?

I had septorhinoplasty 18 days ago. Dorsal hump removed,deviated septum corrected, tip raised with grafts etc. Im planning to get my 3rd breast job. My rhinoplasty surgeon told... READ MORE

Hit my nose tip. I think the tip cartilage graft shifted. Can it be corrected by hand without surgery? (photo)

I had septorhino 32 days ago. septum corrected. Tip raised. Cartilage grafts used. And 28 days post op my husband accidentally hit my nose tip with his head. It didnt hurt or... READ MORE

3 months PO septorhino. Unhappy with tip. It's crooked to the left and has no projection on left side. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

Its been 3 months since septorhino. Im very unhappy with my left side. My left profile and 3/4 view has no projection. Its big fat and droopy. Right profile and 3/4 is good.... READ MORE

Can I get juvederm result (fake,puffy) with permalip 5mm? I want a drastic change. Any Permalip surgeons in Boston? (Photo)

I had 2 syringes of juvederm in both lips 5 days ago and i loved the way it looked 2 days after the injection. Now its settled and lost some volume but the side view is still... READ MORE

Are permalip implants stackable? Should i go with 2 stacked permalip implants or lip lifting for puffy pouty lips? (Photo)

I have thin lips and im looking for a drastic change. Juvederm (2 syringes) helps but is not enough for the pouty lips im looking for. I think 3 syringes of juvederm would do... READ MORE

Recent comments from LolitaRogers

I know, right?! He is great. Im getting my 2nd surgery with him in june. Im gonna fly from boston. I started out flat. Im thin too. 5'4 102lbs i was 32a and now 32e/34d with 425silicones. Now in summer im hoping to double the size (im... READ COMMENT

Congrats! I got my breasts at coral gables and dr.ortega is a great surgeon! I got two breast augmentations at this center and going for the 3rd one(upsizing) this summer. Its your right to chose the doctor you want but just so let you... READ COMMENT

You dont get your deposit back but you can use it for future procedures. and even if the prices go up, your deal still remains. READ COMMENT

Silicone 400-450 cc high profile under muscle nipple incision. thank you. Gelen is my patient coodinater in Coral Gables. she is great the whole staff is great there. READ COMMENT