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Two-weeks After Septorhinoplasty I Feel That my Eye Shape Has Been Changed and I'm Ugly?

Last 14 days I had a septorhinoplasty which I straighten my nose and reduce the size just a bit but now I see my eyes rounder..the chin are a bit smaller with the swollen nose... READ MORE

Two-weeks After Septorhinoplasty :after Reducing Bumb the Nose is Long in Profile? (photo)

Two-weeks after septorhinoplasty , I can see that swelling is reducing gradually.but I see that it's like that after reducing the bumb on my bridge , the tip is like to be the... READ MORE

1 Month After Septorhinoplasty..what else Should I Void?

The healing process looks good and proper.the swelling is gradually disappear while there's still some.It's ok and I'm satisfied but..I dont want to disrupt the healing of... READ MORE

1.5 Month Post Open Septo-rhinoplasty , Bone Growth?

It's hard so it's not swelling...and it's exactly in the middle of my nose bone and cartilage it's tiny and not mentionable(so I couldnt take photo),but I can feel it by... READ MORE

If Steroid Injection After Rhinoplasty is Not Dangerous, Why my Doctor Refused to Do It After 2 Months?

After 2months my nose is still swollen and hard and I know it's natural.but my college is about to start and I want my nose!! but my doctor refused for injection and he... READ MORE

Why Do Dark Circles Under my Eyes Change Occasionally? (photo)

When I wake up,it's fine.I look great I even sleep in noon , for about even more than 3 hours(I love it) but in the night my eyes circle look awful. It's not because of lack of... READ MORE

How to Remove Sun-tan Caused by Years Under the Sun?

I have a fair body-hands and even partly neck. but my face 2-3 shades darken.because I live in a hot climate and while I always really care about sun,but my skin color has been... READ MORE