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LOVE, LOVE, LOVING the new me...ALREADY!!!

I am 36 yr of age with no children...yes that makes it worse. I was always fit and athletically toned (138lbs.) when I was younger. Then in my mid twenties I took the depo provera shot ONE time and all hell broke lose. It was as if it changed my complete metabolism, including the fact that I didn't have a period for over a year after getting the shot once. And through the years I have... READ MORE

Questions from jazzysassyone

Does a Certain Lipo (Smartlipo, Tickle Lipo, Tumercent, Etc.) Produce Better Results for Stomach Bulge?

I was wondering if a certain type of liposuction is recommended for certain areas of the body, specifically the abdomen? READ MORE

WAIST Training After Lipo?

I saw this exact question posted however all the doctors answered it for WEIGHT training. This question is in regards to WAIST training with a corset to achieve a smaller waist... READ MORE

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How are you, Hun? READ COMMENT

My doctor told me the foam wasn't necessary as well, but believe me when I tell you it makes a huge difference. In the long run I am sure it will all even out to the same but if you want to see fast results...the foam is the way to go.... READ COMMENT

Sarah...you are a spunky one aren't you! I LOVE it!!! I thought I could get feisty...step back, girl you bring it! READ COMMENT

Lmao...Sarah doesn't mean that but you are a damn Debbie Downer! And that is all people see when you are leaving this non sense. You read all the dialogue days later and that is what you found to comment on...REALLY? READ COMMENT

Trust me I know about life...it can really suck sometimes! (but still better than the alternative) Keep your head up and at least now you are dealing with life through a sexy body. :-P I am back to my foam and garment myself well... READ COMMENT