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Nostril Revision Surgery 22 Years Post Rhino, Advice Needed Please? (photo)

As you can see my nostrils are grossly misaligned and have worsened since my rhino 22 years ago to repair the bridge of my nose. Is the surgery to repair this less invasive and... READ MORE

Please Advise Re Restylane Under my Eyes - I Looked GREAT for the First 4 Days, Now I Look Horrible - Why???? (photo)

I got Restylane under my eyes 8 days ago, had an immediate and great result that lasted 3-4 days. Now I have double dark rings under my eyes and visible tracings of the product... READ MORE

Restylane in my Lips - Will It Take 2 Weeks to See the Final Result? (photo)

I looked great the first few days...but now one week later my lips have deflated significantly!! I expected the swelling would subside but now I feel like I've wasted $700.... READ MORE

Please Help - Restylane Under the Eyes: Why Do I Look Worse 5 Days Later Than Immediately After the Injections? (photo)

I had Restylane under my hollows 8 days ago and saw an immediate and positive benefit - wow - and no bruising. Now, 8 days later I look WORSE! I have double rings under my eyes... READ MORE

Why Are my Upper and Lower Eyelids Swollen Approx. 1 Month After Restylane for my Tear Troughs? (photo)

What are the alternatives if it is not from the migration of Restylane? My upper lids, esp in the inner corners have become quite swollen and hooded, ditto the lower outer... READ MORE

What Kind of Filler and Technique Do You Suggest to Create Upper Cheekbone Fullness? (photo)

I am a 50 year old woman. What kind of filler and placed how (with cannula? without?) would you recommend to create more full upper cheekbones. Thank you docs, you are wonderful! READ MORE

Midface lift to address my sagging cheeks and folds around my nose and my mid face (I am 51)? (photo)

I do not want fillers! I basically want to explore surgical interventions to make my cheeks and midface more pulled back. What am I exploring: a facelift? I do NOT want fillers... READ MORE