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Breast Augmentation Revision (Part 2 Review) from Mod Profile to High Profile - Miami, FL

So this is my 2nd review. I originally had a lollipop breast lift and breast augmention done by Dr. Fisher in Miami on Nov 2013. After many complications and many open wounds, I had a scar revision and a lift revision (originally had a lollipop lift and on this round I had gotten the anchor lift as I wanted more fullness up on top, it kind of seemed like my implant had bottomed out) this was... READ MORE

Finally getting a BBL on 3/12/16 with Dr. Alvarez at Spectrum in Miami FL

Hi ladies so I'm planning to get my butt done during the summer with Dr. Fisher which I just got my breast done in November by him.. I have to wait at least 6 months to perform another cosmetic surgery sooo thinking about doing it in June anyway I've been apart of this website for a while and I love looking through everyone's journey. Well here goes a pic of me currently on the left and a... READ MORE

Breast lift and aug saline mod profile-coral gables cosmetic center

Hi ladies!!! Ill be traveling to get my procedure done from Tampa Fl to Miami Fl, my consult is on August 15th and August 16th will be surgery date. I'm so excited, anxious, desperate, etc! Anyway so far the plans are to get a Benelli lift with Saline implants however if the doctor feels a "lollipop" cut needs to be done instead of a "donut" cut then ill go for it although I'm highly nervous... READ MORE

Questions from MissNewBooty2016

Benelli or Lollipop W/ Breast Augmentation (Saline)? (photo)

I was told I could do either or HOWEVER I'm very concerned about scars I'd highly prefer a benelli vs lollipop/anchor cut. What do you think best suits me? READ MORE

2 months post-pregnancy and have lost baby weight: Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction? (photo)

I had a baby 2 months ago but I swear I'm no longer losing baby weight, I'm back to my normal weight AND my body usually looks this way before I even had baby..ill be getting... READ MORE

Does 1000cc Seem Enough? (photo)

I'm getting breast lift and breast augmentation in August and I'm wanting to get lipo I was told 1000cc is all they can do same day as breast surgery..does 1000cc seem enough?... READ MORE

Will they round up? Will open wounds close up nicely? (photo)

I had surgery Nov 13, I know it's still way to early to judge but just wanting to know will my breast possibly heal nice? Between the weird shape at the bottom (not being... READ MORE

My areola/nipples sit high 3 months post-op (photos)

I'm nearly 3 months post op and I can already tell I'm not happy where my areola/nipples sit I can only imagine the time they still have to drop. I'll be getting a revision due... READ MORE

Does it look like I need to have my implants removed because of possible mastitis? (photo)

I've had the chills, breast redness, and my breast feels extremely hot, my body has also been aching. The doctor is saying he believes it's a stitch my bodies rejecting and... READ MORE

Will my baby have normal skin again? (Photo)

A week ago my child got burned with the vacuum and I've been very concerned about the healing process, will the skin heal back to normal? Currently on silverdene twice a day.... READ MORE

7 months post op - Would you consider my implants bottomed out? (photos)

Not sure if my implants have bottomed out? It's almost 7 months post op (Nov 13 2013) and I don't feel the top is firm enough it just feels kind of empty. What will correct... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a BBL? (Photo)

Based off of the pictures I've attached, does it look like I'm a good candidate for a BBL? I weigh 135 pounds and my height is 5'1, pretty healthy, no allergies, don't smoke or... READ MORE

Recent comments from MissNewBooty2016

Lol thank you doll! Jonathan fisher did my boobs the first round (originally did a lift and augmentation approx 300cc moderate profile), then second round I did it with Jacob Freiman (just exchanged implants from 300cc to 500cc high... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much! I love them too lol ;) he is awesome and was super nice and understanding of what I wanted. Posted an updated pic ;) READ COMMENT

Sorry for the late response. Honestly I didn't use latex waist trainers, I heard it was bad for you post surgery so I used one with a very soft material that had the steel bones but remove the steel bones from the front because it did... READ COMMENT

Sorry for the late response baby girl. It went really great with him I'm really really happy with my results! It fits me perfect. I'm a petite girl so the booty is a perfect size. Posted an updated pic ;) READ COMMENT

Thank you love I actually used both. The bbl pillow for work and the boppy at home. Just stopped using the bbl pillow at work I was starting to get un comfortable on my thighs. READ COMMENT