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Chin Reduction - Cincinnati, OH

I decided to get a chin reduction on June 13, 2012. I am 22 yrs old and ever since i was in middle school, ive been made fun of because i had a broad, extended chin. It took up to a year to fully heal. My experience after surgery wasnt easy. I gone through alot of depression because my chin got huge and swollen. I am happy with my results now, a year later, but i have extra fat on my chin and... READ MORE

Questions from dogblondie

I Want Cheek and Chin Lipo Done and Also Tummy Lipo. Suggestions? (photo)

I am 22 years old and 5'5. I have been at a steady weight of 145 lbs for many many years. I would work out, and be on diets and no matter what, i can not lose my tummy fat! I... READ MORE

Do I HAVE to Change my Lifestyle After Lipo? (photo)

I have been at a stable weight for like 8 years at 145. I can't lose my stomach fat when I exercise/dieting. If I have been at a stable weight for years, would I still need to... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting Vs Lipo. The Difference? (photo)

I went to my surgeon today and he told me i should get cool sculpting instead of lipo to get rid of my stomach. I was leaning more towards lipo but the procedure is 5,000 vs.... READ MORE

Im Not Happy with my Chin Reduction. Can a Surgeon Fix It Without Paying Full Price? (photo)

I got my chin reduced a year ago. I feel that my chin sags and theres alot of fat there. My surgeon said he cant do anything about it. I got burrow surgery done. (shaved it... READ MORE

Is $5,000 Too Much for Liposuction on a Size Like Me? (photo)

I went to my surgeon the other day. The cost for my liposuction in my stomach is $5,000. They have their own facility so i dont pay hospital fees. They didnt even get a good... READ MORE

Can I Sue my Plastic Surgeon? (photo)

I got a chin reduction a year ago. I still have a ball of fat, tissue, and muscle on the end of it. That is what my surgeon told me. I kept telling him I dont like it and he... READ MORE

What can I do to make my face smaller? (photo)

I got chin surgery twice and I am not liking it %100. Its been 2 months since I had it done the second time and I am thinking its still swollen...? I want the indent on my chin... READ MORE

Should I get my nose done? (Photo)

I got a chin reduction and now I don't know if my nose is too big. I want my lips done as well READ MORE

Can I get fat off of my actual chin? (photos)

I got a chin reduction years ago. I want a smaller face and i feel that i have extra skin on my chin. My surgeon says its muscle and tissue and it can't be taken off?? In one... READ MORE

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Lipo doesn't automatically make you skinny. You can't eat the same junk as you did before expecting nothing to happen. Lipo makes it easier to lose weight with effort because it destroys fat cells. Some docs don't tell you and some do.... READ COMMENT

Thank you :) I wish you the best of luck! READ COMMENT

How did your surgery go?!! I would love to know and i apologize so much for responding late. I didnt know I would have so many comments on here! READ COMMENT

Dr. Gene Ireland in Cincinnati. His practice is the plastic surgery group off redbank rd. When you talk to a surgeon, please make sure they send you to an orthodontist to get an xray done of your face so you, the surgeon, and the... READ COMMENT