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Hey.... You look amazing!!! I'm almost at 2 month post op and I've developed dark circles around my eyes too. I try to cover it with make-up but under certain lights they're very visible. I contacted my surgeon and he said it's normal... READ COMMENT

Have you tried massaging it as Rosie instructed because it helps. It encourages the lymph fluid to move along. I know It's frustrating. My swelling comes and goes too. It's a waiting game! Good luck with your apptt on Monday and keep us... READ COMMENT

I am still a little bruised (3 weeks post op) but the swelling is going down very fast. The tip is starting to drop now which is such a relief. I'm very happy with the results! READ COMMENT

You are very lucky! I was black and blue and 3 weeks on I still have a little dark area under one eye. Don't even get me started on the swelling! But now, the swelling has gone down a lot and my nose has started to emerge, am so happy... READ COMMENT

Your nose looks great and really suits you! Congrats!! READ COMMENT