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Hi mischarlie, I'm sorry to hear about your skin. I know exactly what youre going through because i experienced the same thing with fraxel. Just know youre not alone in this. If youre interested in my story and attempts to move forward... READ COMMENT

Hi Janey! Wow, a 3 year reprieve from periods sounds great. lol. Anyhow, yes, maybe since we're both getting our oil glands back perhaps it is just our regular skin making a comeback (I hope!). And yes, it's definitely crossed my mind... READ COMMENT

Hi Mandy, just fyi i posted a response to you and una under her post! And btw, I had some luck with a peel I'd done last thanksgiving. I posted a review about it, which I've cut and pasted below: Got the vi peel last week -- planned it... READ COMMENT

Hi Una and Mandy, Yes, I am self conscious too about my skin, but it has gotten better as the damage seems to have leveled out. Like I'd said before, the texture of my skin has the orange peel texture, darkened w hyperpigmentation and... READ COMMENT

Hi Mandy12, Thank you for your post -- I know what youre going through because I'm going through and have experience THE EXACT SAME results. The depression, fear, anger, sadness, and regret have been plaguing me as well as I have been... READ COMMENT