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When Does Pollybeak from Scar Tissue or Fluid Start Forming?

I am 6 weeks post op and seem to be healing okay. I had pretty bad supratip swelling the first 2 weeks which looked like a bad pollybeak. That thankfully went down. When am i... READ MORE

If Soft Tissue Pollybeak is Detected As Soon As It Starts Forming, How Often Are Kenalog Injections Successful? (photo)

I go to my doctor every month and he told me that if he notices scar tissue he will use injections. He said they almost always work, is that true? Also that pollybeak from scar... READ MORE

In Your Experience at What Month or Week Does Scar Tissue in Supratip Form, Which Leads to Pollybeak?

My doctor says it usually starts forming in the first two months. Can someone pls give a month they usually see it start forming. I am really worried about this happening to me... READ MORE

I Understand the Different Causes of Pollybeak. If It is Scar Tissue Build Up when Does This Usually Start Forming? (photo)

I have asked this question before, everyone has told me it is rare and the different causes. Can someone PLEASE tell me which months this scar tissue build starts forming. I... READ MORE

3 Months Post I Have No Signs of a Pollybeak. Will Working out and Soccer Have Any Impact on This, or Increase Risk? (photo)

I had a rhino 3 months and have a bit of scar tissue on the right side of my tip, it doesn't bother me that much. I still like my nose. I am just worried that working out with... READ MORE

I Have Scarring Above Right Nostril. If I Get Kenalog10 Injection There, Do I Have to Wait a Month to Get Injection on Supratip?

I have scar tissue above my right nostril. It looks bad but my biggest fear is getting a pollybeak. If I inject the scar tissue above my nostril and then after a few weeks god... READ MORE

Is Kenalog10 Risky for Scar Tissue on Side my Tip Above Nostril Where my Dorsum and Tip Meet? (photo)

Don't Want Dent or Any Side Effect? Right after surgery my right sight above my tip was very full. It hasn't really gone down after 3 months post op. I can now feel a hard ball... READ MORE

Is my middle volt on the left side collapsed or indented. What's the solution onlay grafts or spreader? (photo)

What is success rate? I always noticed it a bit, however now swelling has gone down I notice it much more. Both sides go in however the right side is straight line going... READ MORE

I have asymmetric upper lateral cartilages which is pulling my nose to the right. The septum is straight? (photo)

How is this fixed? After rhinoplasty I am left with a crooked nose. My left nose bone is fuller then the right. My right upper lateral cartilages are convex and left is... READ MORE

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Should I be worried that I can push my skin down 7 weeks after rhinoplasty? I am worried about forming scar tissue

I had a lot of swelling on my supratip the first two weeks.  It went down, but now I am worried y skin seems a bit loose in that area, because I can push the loose skin... READ MORE