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Take the lead on the class action suit, or/and, reach out within this community and find the connection to an Editor or News anchor/station who would cover a story on the "Nightmares of Radiesse" READ COMMENT

In here you are preaching to the choir; go blog/write articles about it after you have reported it to the AMA. Hope you feel better soon, throughout all this crap, we are blessed if we can even consider it. READ COMMENT

Hello Lisa, so sorry to hear about your challenge. Couple of things helped here; I had numerous steroid injections, vibrated the area with the back of my sonicare toothbrush to break up the product, and I found cover up. It has been... READ COMMENT

I agree, for sure report to the FDA and the AMA (american medical association) where you can file a claim. The AMA denied my claim and my attorney contacted the doctors med mal insurance co..however the Dr. has to approve the... READ COMMENT

Ask your doctor which product he wants to use and read the brochure about recommended area's of use....many doctors go "Off label" and use in non recommended areas; this filler cannot be reversed and when not used in recommended areas... READ COMMENT