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Face / Neck Hair Removal Was Not Difficult - Winnipeg, MB

While I was on HRT as part of my transgender transition (MtF), one of my medications caused my face and neck hair to grow much more quickly, thickly, and over a larger area than ever before, with half of it coming in white. I had wanted to remove my facial hair anyhow, and the large amount of white that was coming in was a reminder that I needed to act before I aged sufficiently that laser... READ MORE

Questions from SLeM

What direction will implants point?

After implants, will the breasts point forward, or will they point much the same way they currently do? My chest is wide, and my small breasts angle outwards like a "V", with... READ MORE

Breast Shape Terminology Question?

I am interested in having my breast shape after augmentation slope smoothly above the fullest part of the breast, but under the fullest part, angle back to the chest at an... READ MORE

Two-stage Augmentation Vs Dual-function Device?

Could someone speak on the tradeoffs of doing a two-stage augmentation (tissue expander and later actual implants), compared to a single augmentation in which a dual-function... READ MORE

Predicting strain and pressure discomfort from implants? (photo)

In planning implant size, I am concerned about potential strain on back, spine, neck, and shoulders, as I have high muscle tension & stiffness. Also, bra-gores may exert... READ MORE

Augmentation, Nipple Piercing timing ?

I am targeting no later than June 2015 for augmentation. I am thinking that in the mean time I would like to get my nipples pierced. If I do get them pierced, is it likely that... READ MORE

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Social shaming after augmentation?

After augmentation, has anyone experienced significant amounts of social shaming (also known as body shaming, or even "slut shaming")? Situations in which people attempt to... READ MORE

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By my age (over 50). "matronly" is not a bad thing to be. I am already on the thicker side (I am the average Canadian adult woman size, 14 to 16), most notably in the stomach, so it would be foolish for me to think that there is a size... READ COMMENT

People concerned about autoimmune reactions may wish to read "Do Silicone Breast Implants Cause Autoimmune Disorders?" at . The reply by Dr. Nichter is... READ COMMENT

Last year, it was discovered that one of my kidneys was abnormal. I worried about needing a transplant, I worried about cancer, I worried about having to be on dialysis, I worried about my worry. In time I was tested by a kidney... READ COMMENT

Going over your pictures I do not see any obvious reason why you would not be a candidate. Something that one of my therapists said is appropriate here: "Getting a consultation is not making a commitment". What you will have after the... READ COMMENT

The question then becomes "How -much- distress is this causing you?". In the trans world we have something called "Gender Dysphoria": we do not just "want" to look different, we -suffer- that our bodies are "wrong". Dysphoria is roughly... READ COMMENT