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Best Way to Lighten or Bleach Skin - Atlanta, GA

Hey everybody i live in Georgia and all my life i wanted to be light skin, like rihanna complexion..i am a lil lighter than Gabby union and my mom is real light skin and my dad is brown, when i was really young i had like a yellow skin tone, over the years of me playing outside in the sun my skin got darker, i want my yellow skin tone back, ik i have to wear sun screen and ive been wearing spf... READ MORE

Want More Booty Projections - Dominican Republic, DO

Hey yall, im 18 years old and i wanted this procedure since i was 16, i already have a cute lil shape it just need a lil help, i want my waist to be tiny tiny tiny, and my booty to br nice round big and juicy, ive been considering yily but idk if they take american dollors over there in dominican republic, i sure hope so, but im in love with her work and procedures she done, i hope she can... READ MORE

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Skin Lightening, What Kind of Doctor Whould I See? (photo)

I really really really want to bleach my skin, im a lil lighter than gabriel union, but i want to be Rihanna's complexion, do i go to a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon??? i... READ MORE

Need to Get Rid of These Black Heads?

I have these black spots on my inner thighs, ive heard that VI Peel will do it but im not sure, how do i get rid of the black heads!? or do anybody know any type of cream or... READ MORE

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How to Get in Touch with the Doctors Outside of the Country

Hi im 18 i live in georgia and ive been tryn my best to get in touch with Yily, Duran, and Beaz but they never seem to respond, am i doing it right?? i sent Yily an email from... READ MORE

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Hey do you know where i can get the glitathione patch or injections? READ COMMENT

Yea i was applying it after i get out the tub to because you are suppose to apply it after you exfoliate, and i was using rentin a soap READ COMMENT

I Havent really been using the piona products yet. READ COMMENT

I cant really tell so far, ill let you know soon READ COMMENT

I was just using it twice a day with large portions, you arent suppose to use that much because it will clog your pores and apparently make you darker, and take longer to lighten up be sure to not get that shit near your eyes, and make... READ COMMENT