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Can Botox Prevent Cheek Movement when Smiling? (photo)

Whenever my face is at rest I appear to have very well defined cheeks that aren't large. Whenever I smile though my cheeks contract and look much larger and makes my face... READ MORE

Can Braces or Invaslign Help Bring the Upper Teeth Down for Better Exposure/show?

I never had braces or invaslign before since my dentist said I didn't need it when I was younger. My teeth now are relatively fine except for one thing, which is my upper teeth... READ MORE

Possible to Reposition Smile Lines or Reduce Smile Line Size when Smiling? (photo)

When my face is at rest my smile lines aren't very noticeable to much. When I smile though they form and give my face a very round look and big chubby cheeks. Is there anything... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Move Nasolabial Lines into a Different Angle?

Over the past few years my nasolabial lines have become more pronounced and have an appearance where the lines move out more to the side of my face and then curve down. This... READ MORE

Solution for Big Fatty Cheeks, Especially when Smiling?

Whenever my face is at rest my upper cheeks appear a bit large but the problem becomes worse when I smile. When I smile my nasolabial folds make my upper cheeks appear even... READ MORE

Is it possible to take existing eyebrow hair and use those hairs for FUE eyebrow restoration?

For my entire life the hairs on the inner sides of my eyebrow have always grown upward in the direction of my hairline instead of growing out in the direction of my other hairs... READ MORE