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Breast Aug/mastopexy - Weston, FL

I've always wanted my boobs done. They were uneven and sagged. I had 2 kids and there was no hope. I've been to a few PS's for consultations over the years and finally heard so many great things from so many people! I wanted a Dr who was known for great "breasts" not one known for face lifts, butt, tummy tuck, etc. my friends all showed me his work on them and I paid my $500 (non refundable)... READ MORE

Questions from Mandylee143

Normal for Large Lump on Bottom of Incision from Aug/mastopexy?

Surgery was done 4 days ago. Went to my post-op and nurse said it will go away when the implant drops. I am worried because it is a fairly large lump. It's kinda flat on the... READ MORE

Big Lump by Incision After Aug/mastopexy? (photo)

I had my breast done 4 days ago. I noticed on 2nd day when the nurse took my wrap off, there was a big lump on my right breast. The nurse told me it will even out when implant... READ MORE

What Harm Could Be Done by Lifting a Child a Week After Breast Augmentation/mastopexy?

I had a breast augmentation (saline)/mastopexy (lollipop) done 1 week ago (no drains). I have a 1.5 yr old and a 3 yr old. Both about 30 lbs. I have had help with them and... READ MORE

Will My Breasts EVER Be Even? (photo)

As you can see from my pre op my beasts were sagged and were a big difference in size. I had mentor high pro 400cc in left and 425cc in right with a lollipop lift. When I woke... READ MORE

Bigger than when cast came off 6 months ago. How long for swelling to go down after nose surgery? (Photo)

When the cast came off it looked perfect! Since then I've become self conscious again because it's back to looking big & comes down a little bit at the tip. Dr said its still... READ MORE

Is it me? Am I one of those people who will never be happy? Rhinoplasty and 2 boob jobs (Photo)

My 1st augmentation was done in 6/13 with saline. They still weren't even and I could feel saline implant. My dr recommended I switched to silicone & I went bigger to 700 cc &... READ MORE

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&& thanks you ;) READ COMMENT

I don't know yet... Dr Messa said I should be about a D because I was a B prior and we did 400cc in my left and 425 in my right... I go on Tues for my 2 weeks and hopefully he will remove the rest of this tape!! :-) READ COMMENT

Oh ok maybe bc your actual "milk" didn't come in bc you didn't try to breastfeed at all... Idk good luck!! READ COMMENT

Your dr doesn't think you should wait until 6 months after you haven't had milk in your breasts. My dr made me wait 6 months since I quit breast feeding and I researched it and am glad I waited! I would look into it! READ COMMENT