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Is This Swelling of the Mid Bridge One Month After Rhinoplasty Normal?

I had an OPEN rhinoplasty one month ago.I am caucasian with med thick skin. I ONLY had tip work done. PS did a cephalic trim and also trimmed my tip cartilages and sutured them... READ MORE

Help! Why is my Mid Bridge (Cartilage) Still SO Swollen 5 Weeks After Open Rhinoplasty-ONLY Had Tip Work Done? (photo)

My mid bridge is bigger than my tip and it makes my nose look very odd. you can see the outline of my upper lateral cartilage when I smile. I am 5 weeks post op. it was an open... READ MORE

What Can Make the Lower Lateral Cartilage Area of my Nose and Tip Look Fuller?

My PS removed much of my lower lateral cartilage and sutured my tip to refine my very bulbous nose. It is now much too narrow and pointy for my mid bridge area. What can be... READ MORE

How Far Does Septal Cartilage Go if It Hasn't Been Used?

I had a primary where i believe way too much of my lower lateral cartilage was remove,(surgeon left about 6mm. It doesn't look natural and is too pointy (plus either swelling... READ MORE

Can a Nose Made Too Pointy in Primary Rhinoplasty Be Made Fuller Again?

My PS trimmed and sutured my tip too tight and now it looks TOO POINTY for my face. Could I get a revision and use septal grafts too give a little rounder appearance to my tip... READ MORE

Is Septal Cartilage Always the First Choice for Grafting?

A reputable revision rhinoplasty surgeons office told me they only use ear or rib cartilage for grafts, even if septal cartilage is available. I thought Septal Cartilage was... READ MORE

Can Temporary Fillers Be Used to Soften Slightly Pinched Tip Until Future Surgery?

Until i can have have a revision surgery, can temporary fillers be safely used to soften a slightly pinched/over narrowed tip? I want to eventually add a little fullness to my... READ MORE

Can Supratip Break Be Hidden by Swelling?

My nose is too straight. I am a little more than six weeks out and have significant supratip swelling still. When swelling subsides will this area show more of a break (my... READ MORE

Can Bridge Be Narrowed with a Closed Procedure?

My bridge may need narrowed and slight pollybeak fixed ( still swollen from primary so jury still out) can this be done with closed procedure? READ MORE

Can Slight Bossae Formation at the Tip Be Corrected in a CLOSED Rhinoplasty Procedure?

I have several issues with my open procedure that was performed almost 3 months ago-thus my multiple questions-I seem to have slight bossae formation at my tip and wonder If... READ MORE

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Have you heard from anyone? It is so frustrating that only certain key names come up over and over again and you don't know what other surgeons are out there that would be great to consult with.... READ COMMENT

I tried to pm you but can't find where to do this! I saw your story and pictures with your q-tips and omg!!! My situation is almost exactly like yours. I went from bulbous tip too way too narrow. I miss some of the fullness of my tip... READ COMMENT