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PS: I know the medical boards won't say anything against an MD unless it's gone to the "disciplinary stage"...they don't want to be sued (The State Medical Board doesn't) they're limited as to what they can publish or say against a... READ COMMENT

Yes I know how difficult it can be to find a good attorney willing to take on your case. For me to get a credible attorney I'd have to go to the "attorney referral line" here in Southern California and pay a relatively small fee of #35.... READ COMMENT

Good! That's a great start! Best to you! READ COMMENT

PS: Gather your medical records (don't threaten them as they may destroy/change evidence! Just act all nicey nice)...walk in and ask for it (you'll probably be asked to pay for printing out the records) or you could have your primary... READ COMMENT

Reconstructive surgery took off during WWI, due to the horrific injuries many of the soldiers suffered...yes, ENT's the first, as I think it was decades later that the specialty of Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery was accepted as a... READ COMMENT