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Revision Tummy Tuck - Livingston

Had extra skin I could not tightened I did it for me! I work out everyday and I eat clean but I knew there was no way to change my abdominal area! Very happy I did it! I am in the fitness field and glad I finally did it!! The first few days I was in a bit of pain but I knew each day would get better!! I was not over weight but having 3 kids my stomach needed help and tightening!! This is... READ MORE

Questions from Trainergirl

What is the best non invasive treatment for inner thighs? I have muscular legs however hold onto fat in my inner thigh.

I have muscular thighs I work out eat clean want to know what non invasive procedure would be best?? Need help with inner thighs thanks Coolscultping? Exilis ? Or another one?... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck in July 2013 it was more from loose skin is there anything that can be done for scar?

Had the tt last July, my Dr had to give me a new Belly Button my question is would fraxel help with the scar? I do still have stretch marks would it help them? My tt was done... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck 2 years ago. Skin not as tight anymore?

I have lost like 8 lbs my skin look loose now. What can I do ? I had the tummy tuck because from having children the skin got stretched out. I am in very good shape . I am in... READ MORE

Had a Tummy tuck 2 years ago, do I need a revision? (photos)

I asked the question already but here is the picture . Had the tummy tuck two years ago, I am in very good shape . I did it because of loose skin from kids. I have now lost 5... READ MORE

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Has anyone done Coolsculpting on their inner thighs?

Would like to know if anyone has done cool sculpting on their inner thighs ? I have muscular legs but hold onto fat on my inner thighs. Does it work?  READ MORE

Little dimples in area where Laser Liposuction was done? Will they go away?

I had lazar lipo done in January on my inner thighs still have little dents/ dimples will they go away? Anyone have this issue? READ MORE

Recent comments from Trainergirl

For me it was about 10 days I had to havr a cane . My lower back really hurt! But was so important not to stand straight until my Dr told me too! Just rest it's all worth it in the end!! You will do great!! :) READ COMMENT

Are you still wearing your Garment ? That helps . And massage the scar! Good luck! READ COMMENT

Everyone is so different. And depends on how you go in' you really should be healthy and in good shape it will help a great deal with recovery !!! I felt the first 2 weeks were tough, then each day got better!! My doctor was very honest... READ COMMENT

Hang in there ! First week is the toughest each day it gets better! Rest, drink lots of water take meds!! It will be worth it! READ COMMENT

A good support system! A cane, a heating pad for your Back will be sore especially the first week you will be walking hunched over. Greek yogurts stool softner laxatives. Lots of water ! Lots of pillows and yes I slept a few nights in... READ COMMENT