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On Average How Much Would It Cost Me to Have a Surgery to Reduce my Nose Size? (photo)

As you can see from the pictures my nose mouth ratio is anything but ideal. also from your experience do you think there is anything else i should do on my nose?(it also goes... READ MORE

Can Restylane or Something Similar Make my Down Turned Lip Corners Normal? (photo)

Also How Much Would It Cost and How long would it last approximately? in case it matters im 18 years old READ MORE

Does This New Device Scarlet Rf Really Completely Remove Stretch Marks?

The institude told me that they can give me a writter guarantee for 100% removal and that if theyr not completely removed after 5 sessions they ll do me free sessions until... READ MORE

Can isotretinoin (Pill) reducec(white) stretch marks and other scars?

My doctor gave me a prescription of 1 pill(20mg) per day as well as tretinoin cream also 1 per day. i know they can't completely remove stretch marks but will they reduce... READ MORE

How long after neck liposuction should I start seeing a big improvement?

I had it done on my neck(front and sides,quite a large area) 19 days ago. initially after 2-3 dats the result was great even though there was lots of swelling . later(although... READ MORE

Eyelid surgery review. Any suggestions? (photos)

Ok, one year after my first( botched) operation to fix my ectropion and scleral show i had another one. this time i believe it worked very well. but i'd like your opinion to be... READ MORE

Is there a way to get rid of cheeks/buccal fat without an operation? (Photo)

I mean something such as facial exercises,a pill, weight loss (though im already very thin) avoiding certain foods ,taking medicine etc READ MORE

Follow up question to "is there a way to get rid of cheek fat without operation?"

Ok, im going to measure my body fat percent in a few days. in general how low must it be for my cheeks to become hollow? READ MORE

How to get longer more and darker lashes?

I heard that a drug latisse can do it. however it may cause my eye colour to become brown. is there anything else that may have the same result WITHOUT eye colour change being... READ MORE

will latisse actually make my eyes brown? (photo)

Ok im confused. 1st i read that it will 2 then i read that it was only a problem when the same medicine was directly applied on the eyeballs to treat glaucoma( or something... READ MORE

Are latisse and lumigan the exact same drug?

I just can't find latisse anywhere near me where i live. but i found many pharmacies selling lumigan(no prescription needed) so if i also buy a brush and put the eye drops on... READ MORE

Latisee and eye color change follow up question.

"Turing blue eyes brown is highly unlikely with the use of Latisse." in this case doctor is "highly unlikely" synonymous for"absolutely no way"? because i don't want to risk it... READ MORE

Does Latisse work on eyebrows or the lower lashes?

Although i imagine that some will go tou my lower lashes anyway when i sleep. READ MORE

Do Lumigan and Latisse use the exact same ingredients at the exact same strength?

Ok, after A LONG research it turns out that latisse has not gotten approval by the equiveland FDA in my country.(very long bureaucracy here) but the lumigan exists anywhere.... READ MORE

How can I have a bad chin/jawline/profile fixed? (Photo)

Currently i have some restylane in my chin in this picture but it can only do so much. will chin implants(or jawline implants whatever they are called) fix this? someone once... READ MORE

Follow up question to "how can I have a bad chin/jawline/profile fixed?" (Photo)

1)im curious why is at my age a genioplasty with jaw angle implants better than a chin implant? im asking cause genioplasty is usually more expensive and a bigger procedure. so... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Having a bad chin/profile fixed.

I contacted some plastic surgeons and they told me that a) chin implants are usually preferred rathen than sliding geneoplasty(though of course they must see me first) and b)... READ MORE

Post surgery scar pain?

Ok in late january this year i had an eyelid surgery. it was a great success. it's just that my right eyelid(where i had the bigger problem i think) hurts sometimes and feels... READ MORE

What is better PRK or custom Wavefront LASIK?

I know the technical differences between the two what i mean what % of people achieve on average a 20/20 vision a 20/15 vision and a 20/10 vision on each of these two... READ MORE

How much younger can plastic surgery make you look like on average?

By plastic surgery i also include botox, other injections, various lasers etc.. and we assume that one does any and all of them if necessary. and most importantly that he has a... READ MORE

Does minoxidil work for the temple area?

Note: im not asking for whether or not it's FDA indicated for that area. i know it isn't. i mean in practice does it work? after all instruction say to put it on ALL my hair... READ MORE

Does minoxidil actually cause more hair loss?

I read this yesterday(been using it for around 10 days) and went NUTS. i know all medicine have side effects. some can even kill you. But this is the first time ever,i hear of... READ MORE