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Chin and Neck Lipo Done After Major Weight Loss in Early 20s - Ramsey, NJ

I've lost 169 pounds for a gastric bypass and because I have excess skin. I added the chin and neck liposuction on a 10 days before a per planed surgery (I also am getting my breast done, and a extended arm lift) I will keep you posted on my results! Feel free to watch my results for... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift After Massive Weight Loss (169 Pound Lbs) Love the Results! Video Attached! - Boston, MA

I had a gastric bypass 5 years ago which helped me lose 169 pounds.They cut off 12 pounds of extra skin total. Pain- very intense, but worth it. Needed help bathing, standing, getting up for 2 weeks. 6 weeks until back to life 100%. I needed and used all of my pain meds. Stayed in the... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation NO LIFT After Major Weight Loss- Before/after Pics and Video of the Process - Ramsey, NJ

I've lost 169 pounds thanks to a gastric bypass done a few years ago. I went on 5 different consultations before finally finding Dr. Capella, who went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and understood what was going to happen. Two of the doctors said I needed a lift- I did my on... READ MORE

Extended Arm Lift After Losing 169 Pounds! My Arms Were by Far the Worst - Ramsey, NJ

I Had my Breast Done & Chin/neck Lipo at the Same Time I've lost 169 pounds thanks to a gastric bypass done in 2007. I have since had a lower body lift two years ago. This round of surgery will be an extended arm lift, breast augmentation (no lift), and chin/neck lipo. I have HATED my... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift After Massive Weightloss - Miami, FL

I've had 5plastic and reconstructive surgeries is the past 5 year, all done with different plastic surgeons. I have also been on over 25 consultations. I know a lot about the whole process and I will tell you right now I will never go to any other surgeon than Dr. Salama. He gag me incredible... READ MORE

Questions from everchanging

Lost 169 Need Everything Done- Advice? Looking to Hire Someone with Experience? (photo)

I've lost 169 pounds! I have already had a lower body lift. experience I pretty much need everything else done. I'm not sure what to do next or which surgeries to do together.... READ MORE

New Boobs! Help? What Size? (photo)

I will be getting a upper body lift, the doctor will be doing arms and breasts at the same time. My question is what size? what type? do I need a lift? I'm so lost and sick of... READ MORE

38B 15CM Deflated Wanting 38D/38DD Range Wants Natural Results Not Lift! 5'4 165 Pics Attached No Now and What I'd Like? (photo)

5'4 164 lost 100+ lbs boobs deflated/weird. Diff consults VERY confused they agree to: Mentro 450-550cc smooth round silicon- disagree on profile! I want natural results- bit... READ MORE

Need Help Asap- Face/neck Lift or Just Lipo? (photo)

Not sure if lipo will be enough or if i would need a neck or face lift? What do you suggest? How long will the recovery be? Thanks! READ MORE

Tips/advice on Open Wound/cut After Extended Arm Lift. Pictures Attached- Infected? Too Big?

My Dr. knows, say "keep it clean and dry w/ gauze" 5 weeks post op from Breast augmentation with extended arm lift One side open for about 20 days Smells bad, no fever, feel... READ MORE

Breast augmentation 8/29 looks horrible I don't know what happened? Please help! Fixable? How much? I'm so depressed! (photo)

Mentor 500 high profile silicone implants under muscle bottom nipple cut done 8/29. They don't hurt, left one if a little softer but both feel pretty real. *Want both to look... READ MORE

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Thank you! :) I hope I can fool people in the future lol READ COMMENT

Maybe I'll ask a q on here to be on the safe side... but I'm pretty confident its all fine READ COMMENT

Yup I called when it first happened and they said it would close keep it clean and dry etc. Then I called spoke to Scott and Kim they both said the same thing. He asked for pics just to be sure and emailed me right back saying the same... READ COMMENT