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Brazilian Butt Lift After Massive Weightloss - Miami, FL

I've had 5plastic and reconstructive surgeries is the past 5 year, all done with different plastic surgeons. I have also been on over 25 consultations. I know a lot about the whole process and I will tell you right now I will never go to any other surgeon than Dr. Salama. He gag me incredible results, restults I did not even know were possible. I am beyond thrilled with the body he has given... READ MORE

Extended Arm Lift After Losing 169 Pounds! My Arms Were by Far the Worst - Ramsey, NJ

I Had my Breast Done & Chin/neck Lipo at the Same Time I've lost 169 pounds thanks to a gastric bypass done in 2007. I have since had a lower body lift two years ago. This round of surgery will be an extended arm lift, breast augmentation (no lift), and chin/neck lipo. I have HATED my arms since I was little; I haven't even worn a tank top since I was 8-10 years old. No one other than... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation NO LIFT After Major Weight Loss- Before/after Pics and Video of the Process - Ramsey, NJ

I've lost 169 pounds thanks to a gastric bypass done a few years ago. I went on 5 different consultations before finally finding Dr. Capella, who went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and understood what was going to happen. Two of the doctors said I needed a lift- I did my on research so I disagreed with that. One doctor said I would need high profile textured implants above the... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift After Massive Weight Loss (169 Pound Lbs) Love the Results! Video Attached! - Boston, MA

I had a gastric bypass 5 years ago which helped me lose 169 pounds.They cut off 12 pounds of extra skin total. Pain- very intense, but worth it. Needed help bathing, standing, getting up for 2 weeks. 6 weeks until back to life 100%. I needed and used all of my pain meds. Stayed in the hospital for 2 days. Money- Insurance paid for the front portion! I paid the difference to have the... READ MORE

Chin and Neck Lipo Done After Major Weight Loss in Early 20s - Ramsey, NJ

I've lost 169 pounds for a gastric bypass and because I have excess skin. I added the chin and neck liposuction on a 10 days before a per planed surgery (I also am getting my breast done, and a extended arm lift) I will keep you posted on my results! Feel free to watch my results for yourself! I have a youtube channel going over my weight loss, lower body lift, and now these new... READ MORE

Questions from everchanging

Lost 169 Need Everything Done- Advice? Looking to Hire Someone with Experience? (photo)

I've lost 169 pounds! I have already had a lower body lift. experience I pretty much need everything else done. I'm not sure what to do next or which surgeries to do together.... READ MORE

New Boobs! Help? What Size? (photo)

I will be getting a upper body lift, the doctor will be doing arms and breasts at the same time. My question is what size? what type? do I need a lift? I'm so lost and sick of... READ MORE

38B 15CM Deflated Wanting 38D/38DD Range Wants Natural Results Not Lift! 5'4 165 Pics Attached No Now and What I'd Like? (photo)

5'4 164 lost 100+ lbs boobs deflated/weird. Diff consults VERY confused they agree to: Mentro 450-550cc smooth round silicon- disagree on profile! I want natural results- bit... READ MORE

Need Help Asap- Face/neck Lift or Just Lipo? (photo)

Not sure if lipo will be enough or if i would need a neck or face lift? What do you suggest? How long will the recovery be? Thanks! READ MORE

Tips/advice on Open Wound/cut After Extended Arm Lift. Pictures Attached- Infected? Too Big?

My Dr. knows, say "keep it clean and dry w/ gauze" 5 weeks post op from Breast augmentation with extended arm lift One side open for about 20 days Smells bad, no fever, feel... READ MORE

Breast augmentation 8/29 looks horrible I don't know what happened? Please help! Fixable? How much? I'm so depressed! (photo)

Mentor 500 high profile silicone implants under muscle bottom nipple cut done 8/29. They don't hurt, left one if a little softer but both feel pretty real. *Want both to look... READ MORE

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