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6 Nov 2016, Created 10 months ago

J. David Holcomb, MD

1 out of 5 stars

Rhinoplasty Left with 2 different nostrils and crooked disaster women in office are very superficial and when something goes wrong they get rude to you and the doctor does not outward acknowledge he messed up all I wanted was a tip refinement he broke my nose which we never talked about. READ MORE

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What is the difference between the size of 300cc and 425cc gluteal implant?

What is the difference of a size 300cc gluteal implant to a 425cc Does it make much of a projection difference or is it all over made by Merck Smooth type? Do not have picture... READ MORE

What is the best way to tighten loose back and body skin?

I would appreciate if I could find out a way to tighten my back and body skin as it is a little erin some areas I was wondering if there is a lazer or procedure? Thank you. READ MORE

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Yes it is goinng down some not as high still somewhat hard but all is well thnks READ COMMENT

Thanks Paula2009 I know you can get under the muscle with Dr Mendieta in Miami. Thanks for your response it was helful Celfit READ COMMENT

Thanks for your reply. What is the difference with it under the muscle? Thanks READ COMMENT

I live near Sarasota Fla I would like to get a butt implant-- Does anyone know any that are really good not too far from here? I would appreciate some ps name. Thanks READ COMMENT