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I Am So Sorry That I Did Lasik - Reno, NV

The reason that I am sorry is that my eyes became super-dry (which they never were before). I was 58 at the time and wanted the mono vision. Since then I have had the driest, scratchiest, burning eyes. I have to put gooey night stuff in with drops all day long to be comfortable. I am an outdoor person who rides horses and have been very regretful about this condition. I was reading that... READ MORE

Advice Needed on Itching!? - Reno, NV

Everything fantastic, love my results, however, now that the numbness is gone the itching has set in. I'm thinking that the less I scratch the better. What do you think, experience appreciated. The itching is in the scalp...I don't want to irritate it so it won't go away, and also I look like I could have head lice with all this scratching.. Driving my husband crazy...Thanks for any info. ... READ MORE

I Know It is Going to Be Worth It All! - Reno, NV

I was motivated to get my eyelids done and when I went to a consultation I was told that I basically needed a browlift. I was becoming very unhappy with the way my lower face and chin were starting to sag, and my neck was becoming very crepey. I decided that if I were going to do the brow lift that I should just do the whole thing. This will be a one time thing for me. I consulted the best... READ MORE

Questions from mlouise

Is It Best Not to Scratch at This Incessant Itching from my Browlift Healing?

It feels very good to scratch, but I am thinking that perhaps it only will prolong the condition. Maybe just a good brushing a few times a day is best and then try to just... READ MORE

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Have you had a browlift with itching and then the itching got better?

Well, shoot, my face lift, brow lift, everything looks super great and I love it.  It was done on June 11, 2013.  In the past 3 weeks the feeling has come back into... READ MORE

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You look good. I had my brows, eyeliner, and lips done yesterday. My lady sent me to a dentist around the corner who numbed my lips. VERY worth the 40.00 I paid. Can't wait for it all to heal as I hate being stuck in the house. She... READ COMMENT

Very pretty. I had my lips done yesterday. The makeup artist had me see a dentist who is near her office and he numbed my lips up. That only costs 40.00 where I went and worked so well. I also used Valtrex for a week before I had my... READ COMMENT

No makeup on your tatted brows. I just had mine done yesterday and that is in the post instructions. You could get an infection. READ COMMENT

I had endoscopic brow lift on June 11, 2013. Numbness is gone now. However, itching is major. What about you. By the way you look great in the photos, How do you like your results now? READ COMMENT

Wow you look great. And I loved your 21 things to do or not do. I had an endoscopic brow lift, face lift, lower eyes, and neck done June 11th of this year. I love my looks now. I am experiencing a ton of itching as my scalp became... READ COMMENT