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Tummy Tuck with Dr. Jugenberg...not Bothering with Round 2 of BBL...not Bothering with Dr. Yily - Toronto, ON

Okay, so after reading a ton of reviews about Dr. Yily, I've decided not to go with her for several reasons: 1) There seems to be a consensus across the negative reviews: a) They are waking up during the surgery; b) When they wake up Dr. Yily is not performing the surgery but another doctor; c) There are way too many surgeries being done in one day. Like 11 or 12 sometimes and... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift/Arm Lipo with Dr. Salama - Miami, FL POST OP AUG/2017

Don't have much to review b/c I haven't had the surgery yet but so far I can say that I love the interaction between the patient coordinator, Nancy, and myself. Originally, I was going to go with Dr. Jimmerson but when I sent in the e-mail request for a consult and didn't receive a call for a few days I decided to call them and they called me back a couple days later and told me I couldn't... READ MORE

Questions from Yen4YummyBooty

Do I have too much/too little fat for wish pics? Two docs gave me different advice and now I'm confused? (photo)

Surgery in 12 days? Went to a doc in Toronto who saw my body and butt wish pics; he told me I DIDN'T have enough fat. My current doctor hasn't seen a wish pic/seen me in person... READ MORE

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I was with Dr. s too and my left is bigger then the right projection wise He wants another full amount to fix instead of a revision READ COMMENT

The price includes the Recovery House? :) READ COMMENT

Wow! You got your appointment SO FAST! Do you mind telling us what she quoted you? I am interested in getting a round 2 BBL and TT READ COMMENT

Hey! I'm from Toronto and want to get a TT and round two of a BBL! I orignally went to Dr. Salama and was not all that happy with my results two years later. We should keep in contact ! Would love to know how fast Dr. Y gets back to you... READ COMMENT

YOU LOOK SO GOOD! I love the pic with the striped dress on. Your stomach looks so good. I'm sure once I get a TT I'll be happier with my results :) READ COMMENT