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My Doctor Never Had Me Sign off to Any Specific Size Implant Before Surgery.. is That Legal?

I am 400cc's I told my doctor I didn't want to be any bigger than 350cc's. (I know many Doc's say 50cc's isn't drastic, but one of my boobs is a 1/2 to full size bigger already... READ MORE

Is Breast Revision Worth It? Got 400cc, Wanted 350 or LESS. Who Cares when You're Unconscious! (photo)

Now to Pay for the Drs Mistake? I have a slight case of bottoming out, and a slight case of Symmastia. The boob that is bottoming out is always sore at my ribs/ under my boob,... READ MORE

What procedures are available for symmastia repair and which approach is best for me?

I am a 27 y.o female (25 y.o @ time of BA 3/19/2013) with 400CC sub-muscular, silicone gel implants. I have a mild case of synmastia (uploading pics soon). I've decided to... READ MORE

Revisions to BA due to result of Symmastia. Should I return to my surgeon or seek a new Doctor upon correction? (photo)

I am 27 (25 during BA), 400CC Sub-muscular gel implants. Now have Synmastia, nipples appear cock-eyed and double bubble occurs when flexing chest. I just want to remove my... READ MORE