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This is it! Augumentation Rhinoplasty (Asian nose) Manila, Philippines

I had my very first consultation with Dr. Arzadon the other day. His specialty is ENT. I decided to consult with him because he is my friends rhinoplasty surgeon. I love her nose and so I am hoping he can work some magic on my nose too. I was excited and anxious at the same time. Dr. asked me what I was there to see him for and then he asked if he could examine me. My heart was... READ MORE

Questions from nosediary123

What Type of Material Would You Recommend? (photo)

I am planning to get my nose job in October during my semester break which is 3 weeks. I have the typical filipina button nose. It is bolbous at the tip &I barely have a... READ MORE

L Shaped Silicone Vs Gore-tex? I'm at a Dilemma.

I had my 1st consultation w/ my surgeon yesterday. Dr. said that I have thin skin on my nose bridge (between the eyes), a bolus tip, & short columella. But, I was still a... READ MORE

Is it possible to stretch the alarplasty incision site as it is in the recovery stage?

I was told I shouldn't laugh for a few weeks, but I honestly couldn't help it... I'm concerned tho because I think my laughing has caused the incision site of my right nostril... READ MORE

Alar trimming w/ L-shaped silicone implant placed. Is it too soon to tell if my body is rejecting the implant?

Please refer to the picture. I had already seen my doctor the other day, but wanted other inputs regarding what happened. Yes, I'm aware of downside of silicone but opted for... READ MORE

Cartilage + goretex or just cartilage for rhinoplasty? Revision only 2 months since I had rhinoplasty.

My body is rejecting the silicone implant. The doc said that if I want the same results as my new nose, I will have to have goretex for my nose bridge & ear cartilage for... READ MORE

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I see! Thanks for replying. May I ask where you had it done? She sounds familiar. Is she a doctor at Asian Hospital? READ COMMENT

Hey! Just curious as to whether or not you had an implant placed? READ COMMENT

God bless you too! :) Please keep me in your prayers... That God guides my PS through the whole revision. I have to have another implant placed... different material this time. Praying no complications will occur. :) Gotta stay... READ COMMENT

Sorry, I meant same doc that I had my first surgery with. And I'm glad you are happy with your new nose! My nose is actually still healing & it's healing quite nicely except my incision opened & after being sutured, didn't close up... READ COMMENT

Yay! I'm so excited for you. I am having my revision with the same doc on Dec. 16. Was your first nose job done using an open or closed method? And what method was done for the revision? READ COMMENT