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Upper Mid Cheeks - Montreal, QC

Got 2 syringes of Voluma injected into my upper mid cheeks today (one in each cheek. The first 'prick' of the needle hurt, but after that, the Lidocaine in the filler takes effect & subsequent needle pricks are much more comfortable. So far, no bruising: just a little bit pink & the skin has a bit of a shine to it. I have high cheekbones (Native Canadian mother) but a flattish mid cheek from... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post-op & Feeling Sickly - Montréal, QC

Well, it's been almost 4 weeks since I had a mini tummy tuck & lipo to my inner & outer thighs, above & below the but, the waist& midriff. My PS removed a total of 3 litres of fat. Astonishingly,I was only a size 2-3 prior to surgery: I don't know where he found all that fat! So far I'm ecstatic over the mini tummy tuck results: the scar is 16" long but very low & graceful. My stomach is... READ MORE

Questions from mamanx2

Too Much Surgery? Feeling Weak, Tire Easily, and Very Little Appetite After Multiple Procedures?

I'm 4 weeks post-op: mini tt & lipo inner & outer thighs, midriff, waist, above & under but. I'm happy with the tt so far (little pain, low & tidy incision).... READ MORE

I'm considering getting Volbella (just a little) for upper lip volume & definition enhancement.Are results natural-looking?

I am in Montreal. How much can I expect to spend? Is it painful? How long does it last? Is there a lot of post injection swelling?  Thanks! READ MORE

Any doctor's suggestions for V-line jaw surgery? (photos)

I have a receding chin and a slight lantern jaw. It makes my face look long & sometimes sad or tired. It looks even worse in photographs than it does in person. The chin... READ MORE

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You look great! Makes your face look younger yet not 'done' & it brought out your eyes nicely. READ COMMENT

It really does look natural & when compared to your initial photos, you look not only younger, but much healthier. It has given you a more relaxed expression & the quality of your skin has improved, too. Congratulations! My own facial... READ COMMENT

You look younger & healthier. I see a big difference in the front of the cheekbone area: the flat, slightly indented look is GONE. Your beard sits more smoothly along your jawline, too. Congratulations! READ COMMENT

Holy guacamole! What a dramatic difference. Look at your neck!!! Look how big, open & bright your eyes look!!! The woman on the left looks like she could be the mother of the one on the right. You have peeled back the years. You must be... READ COMMENT

I'm glad you're surrounded by support and that you're well enough to celebrate, despite your ordeal! Judging by all the photos you've generously shared, you're going to be a knock-out, once you've healed. READ COMMENT