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Thanks so much, I live in houston and i was trying to find a doctor but i ran into your page and seen the beautiful work READ COMMENT

Oh okay well cost isnt a issue its the work of the doctor and i really like your results. Of course mines may not be the same. But ive been looking for over a year now and am still looking for the Dr with great hands and i am willing to... READ COMMENT

So you had your thighs? tummy? breast? and arms done? I use to be 400lbs lost 200lbs the gain 42 due to a high risk pregnancy that required no movement. I have started in may to lose my last 100lbs and i have lost 20 so far. And i read... READ COMMENT

Thats great, Or you using some kind of scar cream to lighten up the scars? Its different all the things you had to put on before you put on clothing now, you kinda forget that you no longer need to do that anymore. Im glad its gotten... READ COMMENT

Amazing woman. Your story is truly inspiring. Is there any numb parts on your cuts? READ COMMENT