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Granuloma after voluma

I was talked into getting voluma without prior knowledge of complications. My experience is rare and terrifying. Voluma looks great on everyone was the words that came out of her mouth and the rn added it's only for the cheeks. Plus she said i could have it reversed if i didnt like like it. Big lie. They forgot to tell me they couldnt do that if something like what happened to me. wish I... READ MORE

550 cc hp saline unders are looking good!!

I am very excited to be able to have a breast augementation! I think I must of started being unhappy with my breasts after my children were grown. I have done my homework, reviewed stories and decided that I was ready and that the surgery is much more common than it use to be and relatively more safe. I will being seeing my P.A and NA on July 22 for my preop. My only hopes is that i could... READ MORE

Questions from honeybee48

How Do I Determine if I Need a High Profile Implant?

After three kids, and 48 years old , I am a 34 cup with no volume on top. I am considering 500cc with a high profile implant, but I don't want to look like I have two balls on... READ MORE

Why Does a Implant on One Person Look Different on Another?

I am a 36 b cup, I weigh 135 lbs and I am 5'4 tall. I told my doctor I like the look of the hp 450 right side and 425 left side gel impant but wanted the make sure I had the... READ MORE

Incisions and Healing? Aftercare?

I took my steri tape off at 3 weeks and they looked fine, now when I change my brown tape every three days, The area under one of my breasts is red and a tiny spot looks... READ MORE

What procedure can I use for tightening the wrinkles under my eyes?

I am looking for something that will help build collegan too. READ MORE

Does Juvederm numb you after days?

I had juvederm injected in to my nasial lobes and lip and after five days my lip , the left side of my nose and my teeth are numb. Is this normal? It come and goes. The dentist... READ MORE

How long does it take for the spider veins to go away?

I had v beam done on my legs for spider veins and they looked gone after the treatment but I noticed they have come back. Why did this happen and are they doing it right? I... READ MORE

Does the Alex laser remove brown spots or age spots?

I had the alex laser done on my legs twice for dark spots and they turned dark both times but never went away or lightened, are they doing this right or am I wasting my money?... READ MORE

Is swelling of the eyes, and pain in the cheeks normal 6 days after Voluma placed in the cheeks?

I went back to my doctors and he put me on methylpredisone, how long before the swelling will go down if at all? READ MORE

How long will it take for a prednisone shot to start working? (photos)

I had voluma fillers 7 days ago. Had swelling on 5 day and extreme pain in cheeksI'm in a great deal of pain from a headache and cheek pain. Doctor who injected me put me on... READ MORE

My cheeks feel and look overfilled at 2 weeks from Voluma. Is this normal? (Photo)

It's been two weeks since I had my voluma placed in cheeks. I Had Major Swelling And POSSIBLE infection. I have been on antibiotics and steroids for the swelling and pain. I... READ MORE

Do you have to wait for inflammation to go down before dissolving Voluma? (Photo)

I had voluma put in cheeks 2 weeks ago. Have been on prednisone and percoset for pain but I am stilled swelled up. Doctor says they can't take it out because theirs still... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait if I have an infection after voluma injections before I can dissolve it?

I had voluma fifteen days ago and got inflammation and pain five days after the injections. I have been taking medron and cephlax too. Today I got a second opinion because my... READ MORE

Is a granuloma soft fluidy tissue or is hard? How long does it take to resolve? (Photo)

Dissolving voluma from cheeks due to inflammation and pain. But doctor says I have a granuloma even after dissolving. What do they look like and feel like. I have puffy bags of... READ MORE

How long to heal after getting treatment of Alex laser for brown spots? (photos)

I had the Alex laser done for brown spots and this is how they look 2 days later READ MORE

Can you tell me if my skin looks like it should following Alexl laser for brown spots? (Photo)

I had a Alex laser treatment on my hands, arms and legs three days ago. My skin is still red and bumpy. But doesn't seem to be getting better. Will my skin stay this way or... READ MORE

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I need a doctor in fresno area who can dissolve voluma?

I need someone in the fresno area who can dissolve the voluma in my cheeks READ MORE

Recent comments from honeybee48

I had to go to UCLA to have have them remove the volume from my face and it two treatments and I'm still having problems total nightmare but my face looks much better thanks to Dr Goldberg. They specialize in cases like ours. My face... READ COMMENT

You are not alone. I share your pain also. I wake breathe and sleep with pain my check. I too had voluma and it went terribly wrong. I had hylase, too, but 3 months later, the pain began, I suffer and take alot of pain pills. Read my... READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry you are having problems. It was super scary for me but I went thru alot in such a little time. I am still suffering from stress about how sunken in my cheeks look because they swelled so big that it stretched them out and... READ COMMENT

Yes. I went to to ucla to a doctor who specializes in hyleranadase and they used a sonogram to see where the voluma was so they could inject in the right place. Good luck i hope you get it right. READ COMMENT

Thank you I do belive that is the theory of these fillers. READ COMMENT