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My Lip Injection of 1/2cc Has Swollen my Upper Lip Very LARGE. Do I Weigh It out or Must I Get Help? (photo0

My lips looked fine until about an hour after the injections. The dermal filler is Perlane. If you've seen the episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where Kris Jenner gets... READ MORE

How Much Water Retention is Normal After Lip Injections?

I got lip injections done yesterday. Perlane 1/2 ml to be exact. My lips have swelled quite large. I come to find they expand with any water. So I'm guessing its water... READ MORE

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I recommend BIO OIL for scars and softening the nodules. It softened things up a bit after two weeks of every day use which... then the puss/clumps/tainted filler found a pore and secreted out. I popped them like pimples out. I had the... READ COMMENT

My lips are looking better. I've squeezed and squeezed the puss out. White chunky puss clumps. Allot of the filler came out as well. I softened the hard lumps everyday with BIO OIL which also lessened my scars. I have quite the few on... READ COMMENT

You'd be a fool to if you read all of this. I'm not sure what it's made of but whatever the case, it infected all of us. READ COMMENT

Update:Today is Monday October 28th 2013. I woke up with the throbbing on my left upper lip. One of the lumps that is left over is infected. It's draining white discharge. Very nasty. Is there anyway we can post pics on here? READ COMMENT

Lol This is the company. How sketch. READ COMMENT