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post-op..and now we wait -Toronto, ON

So im about 10 days post op right now and i dont know how i feel. myy nose looks amazing from the side, but the front is so incredibly swollen (im led to believe), and is about double the width of my old nose. it was a closed rhinoplasty though and my doctor even told me he wouldnt change the width of my old nose since he himself said it was nice the way it is. and those bones dont feel broken... READ MORE

Questions from newnosee

6 Days Post Op, Nostrils Appear Flared and Wide?

I'm 6 days post op and I had a closed rhinoplasty. I had a droopy tip and it was set back and the nostrils are way more circular which I actually don't like cos they look like... READ MORE

Looking Like an Avatar Character After Cast Removal?

This is normal right? i KNOW swelling is normal but my own face makes me want to cry of laughter right now. doctors should really warn us of the degree of swelling if this in... READ MORE

Lion-esque Nostrils? (photo)

Ill just post a pic of my nostrils to help speed things up. theyre not terrible but a little odd. overall, im liking my new nose better but the nostrils are throwing me off.... READ MORE

Cartilage Bump in Nose?

Kind of gross but its now 10 days since my surgery, and i have a lot of "bumps" in my nose that i think are cartilage. ive kind of been pocking and probing them with a qtip for... READ MORE

Sleeping on One Side - Nostril Differences?

Can this affect the way your bose looks? my nostrils were very even and now i find one is a lot more flared than the other and is kind of higher up and more "open" and the... READ MORE

Sunburn 1 Month After Surgery?

I didn't know My nose would be this sensitive but I got a sunburn one month after surgery, And I don't know what to do.. My nose is red and even peeling a bit. My surgeon said... READ MORE

Still Not Breathing Comfortably Almost 2 Months Post-op Rhinoplasty?

Its been 2 months and icant breathe through my nose comfortably. I find if i clean it out COMPLETELY (Which takes FOREVER) then i can kind of breathe through it comfortably but... READ MORE

Bulbous tip 4 months AFTER nose job? Swelling? (photo)

I was just wondering if this bulbous tip I'm seeing at the end of my nose especially when I smile is normal? It has been four months after surgery and almost everyone's picture... READ MORE

Polly beak deformity? (photo)

Could someone please tell me if this is what im experiencing... its been almost 5 months since my surgery and the tip is slowly starting to soften. its still pretty hard... READ MORE

Why is my nose not as flattering when I smile? (Photo)

I love everything about my new nose more than I did my last nose, EXCEPT my smile. i know noses widen a bit when you smile, thats normal, but this seems way more exaggerated to... READ MORE

Doctor screwed up my nose. what now? I'm 10 months post op and my nose is stuffy all the time

Its been 10 months, i can breathe but not well. i used to breathe perfectly. i can also taste, but not well. i can smell, not well. i cant even stick my finger up one of my... READ MORE

Droopy/bulbous Tip 3 years after nose surgery (esp when smiling). Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello, I had my nose done 3 years ago, and noticed that the front area is a little wide. before the surgery i had told my doctor i wanted my nose more narrow since the bridge... READ MORE

Recent comments from newnosee

Your recent pics looks like its improving ALOT, its getting so much better and is actually really beautiful. i wouldnt be so worried! READ COMMENT

For list of things to eat/have.. i kind of lived off mashed potatoes. i couldnt chew anything cos i had so much tip work done and mashed potatoes really hit the spot hahah. soup felt a little too liquidy, sometimes you need... READ COMMENT

It looks amazing!!!! I knew it would!! Congrats on the new face :)! READ COMMENT

My nose was pretty upturned too in the cast/tape, should come down! :) READ COMMENT

Thanks so much, sometimes you forget and you get so depressed. thank god for this site haha READ COMMENT