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If you still have any money left, go hire a killer and send hm to shoot that bastard right in his head READ COMMENT

Yes, but mild and temporary. They are: Spontaneous erections )obviously just for males!), mild flushing and mild nausea; tha last 2 are typical just of the first administrations. Then, some people can develop moles that can be... READ COMMENT

To the best of my knowledge, the answer is positive. The only factor really preventing the use of Mt-II is the presence of moles arising suspicions of being malignant (changing color, and/or with irregular borders and/or asymmetric... READ COMMENT

I wrote an email to your mailbox, as above indicated. Check it out. READ COMMENT

This censorship is a shame and throws a dark light on your web-site. I came here as I wanted to listen people opinions and not someone, or even a software continuously stating that "This comment does not follows our community... READ COMMENT