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I hear ya! I really need to work out as well but I still have an absessed suture and am using that as an excuse to not do ways need to change! READ COMMENT

Diet has been shitty too...I need to make some changes! READ COMMENT

Ugh! I had felt so good about my tt until this week. I am nearly 7 weeks PO and am either bloated or swollen...I feel terrible about how not-thin I am looking:( READ COMMENT

I have a hole in my incision too. I was super disappointed since everything else looks good. My hole started about a week ago as large as a thimble but is slowly closing from the inside out. I am almost PO week 7 and still haven't been... READ COMMENT

Yes it is reasonable! I saw my ps the week I had my surgery, po week 1, 2, and 5. I will see him again at week 8. It's a good thing I saw him during week 5 because I had an absessed suture so I saw him 3 days in a row to get it out. ... READ COMMENT