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37 Years Old, Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant on the Books! - Seattle, WA

30 days until my surgery! So I guess it's time to finally post. The journey up until I made my final decision to do this was pretty intense with lots of second guessing. Ultimately I have decided that it is an a-OK choice for me. I feel like it will help me reach my potential, so ultimately it will be worth the cost. My boyfriend is completely supportive as are the few family members I have... READ MORE

Anxious for my Appointment Today- First Time Botox and Filler - Portland, OR

I'm turning 36 and have really hated being in photos for a couple of years - I just couldn't put my finger on why. Is this painful and lonely realization just a cruel part of life? I finally realized that while I was trying to not notice and not care that I was aging and just "age gracefully" - I really was aging and why be in denial when I could maybe do something about it. I definitely have... READ MORE

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Is rhinoplasty with rosacea a good idea?

Hello! I am a 36-year-old female patient with a history of rosacea. Gratefully, Finacea and 4 IPL treatments have kept it controlled. In the past few years I have noticed a... READ MORE

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Wow- thanks for the warning on the wait list! I will look at him more closely though even still :) READ COMMENT

Your nose is so inspirational! Mine is wide too and it's hard for me to imagine how it could look smaller, fit my face, and look natural. Yours looks completely natural, cute, and yet still the change was subtle. Amazing! READ COMMENT

I'm following your story since I live sorta close (Portland OR) and feel like I have a kindred nose (bulbous tip, deviated septum), but I think mine is a little more wide and my glasses actually accentuate my bulbous tip. Vancouver... READ COMMENT

The chin - for me- turned out really great. I never would have expected that the lumpiness could be smoothed out and the projection improved just with a little Botox. I'm feeling very lucky on that one! I will definitely keep going back... READ COMMENT