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Hunnycake...I've been using Kotex as a protectant between me and my garment and as soon as I get the Hypafix in the mail I will be using it...I'm 27 days post 2nd TT. I saw a YouTube video on a TT where she used the tape and pressure... READ COMMENT

Oh Jadeypops...this is why I fault doctors for not preparing their patients better. First of all breathe deeply and yes it hurts but do that everyday for a 10 minutes or so til your chest elevates. Now remember why you had this... READ COMMENT

You sound well prepared besides the bed but the pillows will definitely help with that. Wishing you a speedy recovery! READ COMMENT

No prob ChocolateDiamond. Hope it's helpful. Like I said this my 2nd TT. I have to wait for my BL. My doc wouldn't do it at the same time...he's overly cautious! READ COMMENT

I'n starting now. I'm in my 3rd week. Wish I had it earlier for right now I have been using Kotex as a barrier between my scar and my garment...they're annoying...tape is better...less bulky and will hold in moisture I place on scar.... READ COMMENT