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No, I don't have before and afters, but I can say my legs were absolutely covered with spider veins before treatment. I still have some, but my legs are so much clearer, not perfect, but most would not think twice about the condition... READ COMMENT

I have spent thousands literally on my legs. Insurance covered the ablutions, but I have had multiple, multiple sclero sessions at 250-300 a session. READ COMMENT

For me, sclerotherapy is kind of a maintenance issue. I have had the deeper veins treated through ablation and the treatment was successful as the ultrasound demonstrates. Unfortunately, my body likes to make spider veins. I go every... READ COMMENT

Sorry about the typos - I think this iPad auto corrects or something READ COMMENT

I have the small spider veins on my legs and unfortunately I have to have several treatments. Not very painful and definitely worth it. Congrats on your weightless and not to sound weird, ut your painted toes looked cute! I just had... READ COMMENT